Squash Croquettes

Potato croquettes are undoubtedly great bites that the whole family can enjoy together but there is only one thing that stops me from making them at home. They are fried. When they are dipped in that boiling hot oil and come out golden brown, crispy outside and soft inside, they are so irresistible - right? I'm with you there too. I always go for yummy food even if I know that they are not 100% healthy because we cannot possibly be straight with our eating habits all the time. Fried potatoes here and there sometimes are absolutely ok with me but when it's time to eat seriously and head for healthier options, I go for baked food especially when there are two growing kids involved.

Educating them about what they eat is something that should come from us, the parents, with the help of the school. One thing I like about the Italian school system is that the food of the kids are controlled by nutritionists starting at kindergarten. They say what the kids can take to school for their morning snacks and what the cafeteria prepares for lunch. But when they become older, only the lunch remains healthy because the snacks are not so monitored anymore. Yes, I am one of those parents who toss in a not-so-healthy sweet snack in my daughter's bag sometimes. I do push for healthier options like crackers, fruits, or bread with extra virgin olive oil and she yields at times too. So that goes 50-50. I can't win all my battles. My older son instead never gets tired of his daily snack of freshly-baked white pizza (pizzas are very healthy in Italy) that he buys every single morning in the pizzeria in front of his school. That and water make up a super healthy snack. Thank God!

Since my job is to create recipes, I have an abundance of cooked dishes at home that range from healthy to acceptably healthy to not-so-healthy at all. Of course not everyone loves everything that I cook. It's a matter of having different tastes. A snack that made a hit are these Squash Croquettes. They are baked, made with fresh squash in season, fresh sage from my potted herb, cinnamon, nutmeg and Parmigiano Reggiano, another healthy food that is rich in calcium. The dip is made mainly of the same cheese plus milk. 

These croquettes are pretty easy to make. Just combine the ingredients then bake. Whereas for the dip, it is also very easy and you can make it while waiting for the croquettes to bake. For the full recipe of these Squash Croquettes, you can get it at She Knows, a site where I create recipes. You can see my other recipes at my Profile Page there. Buon appetito and enjoy your weekend!

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