Cheesy Cauliflower Rice with Bacon

For quite some time, cauliflower rice had been invading the foodie world for its alternative to rice with lower carbs. I finally made my mind to go for it too especially when I found the orange and purple versions at the supermarket. Side by side, the whites, oranges and purples make an outstanding sight. I have a huge weakness for unique natural colors of fruits and vegetables so it was imperative that I bought all three. There is no difference in flavors but the nutrients that you get from them compared to the whites are slightly different.

The purple variety contains antioxidant anthocyanin, the flavonoid present in fruits and vegetables with the same hues like blueberries, bilberries, red currants, black rice, red cabbages, concord grapes, etc. The orange variety instead is rich in beta carotene which makes it richer in vitamin A by 25% compared to its white cousin. The white variety doesn't lack in nutrients as well because it is very rich in vitamin C and a good amount of vitamin K, folate and a whole load of other nutritious things.

Cauliflower rice looks like regular rice at first glance (especially the white ones) but it doesn't taste like it at all. In this recipe, I sautèed it quickly with toasted pancetta or bacon (and I killed the healthy aspect of it I know) and Parmigiano Reggiano or Parmesan. The flavor of the cauliflower gets slightly tampered down by the other two ingredients. If you don't want to sautè the cauliflower, you can also eat it raw or bake in the oven to take out the excess moisture. Just keep in mind that baking takes more time to prepare it of course.

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