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07 July 2016

Pork Schnitzel with Apple and Potato Salad

Schnitzel is Austria's pan fried thinly pounded slice of breaded meat. The original meat used is veal and it is called wiener schnitzel. It may not seem so exciting but you will love it immediately after one bite because it is so tender and tasty. Kids love it and it is very easy to make so it is a great idea for weeknight dinners. You can tenderize the meat and coat it with the breadcrumbs ahead if you want to save time then just fry it when it's time for dinner. 

Schnitzel with potato salad is one of my favorite Austrian dishes and since the country is just a hop away from the border of Italy in the Dolomite mountains, I get to satisfy my cravings once a year whenever we have our summer break.  
A lot of countries have versions of schnitzels of their own like Italy. In fact, Milan's Cotoletta alla Milanese is very similar to it. I am sharing this Pork Schnitzel recipe along with another recipe of Apple and Potato Salad. Instead of the regular potato salad, I like the hint of sweetness and crispiness coming from the apples. The salad goes very well with the Pork Schnitzel so prepare them together for a delicious complete meal.

You can substitute the pork with veal because after all, it is the traditional meat used in this dish anyway. Both ways, you will be rewarded with a simple, tender and tasty meat. Enjoy it hot, immediately after frying. Buon appetito!

To can find the full recipe of the Pork Schnitzel with Apple and Potato Salad at She Knows, a site where I create recipes. To see more of my recipes there, check out my Profile Page

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