Ristorante Mildas in Giustino (Pinzolo-Madonna di Campiglio), Italy

With fifty years of solid culinary backbone, Ristorante Mildas of Mirko Pizzini and family has become a gourmet icon in the area of Madonna di Campiglio. Initially situated in Pinzolo, then to its neighboring town Madonna di Campiglio and finally, to the edge of Pinzolo, in a small village called Giustino, Mildas found a beautiful location in a monastery that dates back from 1300. The restaurant has three dining areas, with the old crypt functioning as the main hall. It is a room with four circular columns and Gothic ceiling. The wooden tables are lined against the walls where seating arrangements can mean sharing of tables (which is a common practice in the mountains anyway).

Indeed, just the location itself can pique anyone's curiosity. An 800-year old monastery crypt is a peculiar dining setting, a historical place waiting to be treasured along with the equally valuable kitchen of the Pizzini family. What Mirko Pizzini created fifty years ago continue to thrive in the kitchen of his son, Raul while his wife, Franca overlooks the dining area with special warm attention.

Both pictures from Ristorante Mildas' site.
Madonna di Campiglio is a very popular Italian winter skiing town in the Dolomite mountains at an elevation of more than 1,500 meters above sea level. It is also a popular destination in summer where mountain trails for walking and biking are available. Of course, with so much physical activities available in the area, good food also awaits everyone at Ristorante Mildas. Perfect for dinner after a full day of strenuous activities or a lazy lunch in the garden while relaxing with a cool mountain breeze. My advice is to arrive hungry because you will need a lot of space in trying out their food until you arrive to the dessert (which is a big mistake if you skip).

The restaurant has a good selection of interesting fish, meat and vegetable entries in which most are traditional regional dishes while the rest are signature dishes of the restaurant. There are some dishes that are meant for 2 people especially their specialty dishes. They can cost a bit but well worth the price for the quality and quantity. The cooked dishes are prepared and divided in the central table before they are served to the diners.  

Risotto con Stinco di Maiale (rRsotto with Roast Pork Shin)
A must try is one of their house specialties (my favorite and one of the best stinco di maiale I have ever tried) which is the Risotto con Stinco di Maiale (Risotto with Roast Pork Shin). It's a combination of two Italian courses together in one big plate which is the primo or first course (risotto) and the secondo or main dish (roast pork shin). One order serves two people and it requires a pre-booking so when you book your table, order the dish in advance too. 

Filetto di Manzo alla Birra con Cipolla e Patate in Umido (Beef Fillet Cooked in Beer with Onion and Boiled Potatoes)
Another specialty dish to try is the Filetto di Manzo alla Birra con Cipolla e Patate in Umido (Beef Fillet Cooked in Beer with Onion and Boiled Potatoes). Again, this is also for two people with abundant servings. There is also the Filetto di Manzo alla Mirko (Mirko's Beef Fillet) that is cooked with thyme, chili and garlic.

Filetto di Manzo alla Mirko (Mirko's Beef Fillet)
Spaghetti alla Mirko (Mirko's Spaghetti)
Spaghetti alla Mirko was a spaghetti dish that Mirko put together while in Sicily once. It's a combination of distinctive Sicilian flavors of oregano, tomatoes, tuna, capers and garlic. It is such as delicious simple Mediterranean dish. 

Gelato di Ricotta al Caffè (Ricotta Gelato with Coffee)

The homemade desserts are also at par with the other courses. You can't possibly skip their gelato made with ricotta. The creation of this gelato was inspired by the Sardinian dessert seadas (or sebadas). Whatever combination you choose, your tastebuds will definitely shout with joy (I'm not kidding). I love the one with the miele amaro di Corbezzolo (bitter strawberry tree honey) which is closest to the flavors of seadas. The one with the coffee is also a winner.

Discovering Ristorante Mildas gave me an added reason to relish more one of the cuisines that I love. I may go to the Dolomites just once a year in summer time but the food continuously occupy my thoughts - as always, until I go back again.

We put skill, experience, creativity and passion into everything we cook and serve to our guests: we like to think that in our restaurant they can feel as comfortable as in their own home. 
-Ristorante Mildas

Ristorante Mildas:

via Antonio Rosmini, 7
38086 Giustino (Pinzolo-Madonna di Campiglio, Italy
Tel: +39 0465 502104
Fax: +39 0465 500654
Email: info@ristorantemildas.it

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