Seafood Risotto

One of the things that makes summers great is that I am more driven to cook more seafood dishes than ever. It just seems so natural with the beach just five minutes away from the house and the heat asks for white wine that pairs perfectly with seafood. They don't need so much time to cook plus it's possible to put different kinds in one pot. There's nothing wrong with mixing the clams, mussels, shrimp, langoustines, fish, squid, and so much more in one cooking. In fact, the more varieties there are, then the better the flavors are.

Saying that I love seafood is an understatement. My kids will roll their eyes on me when I say that because being the cook at home, I give them seafood more than they want. But I push my luck with them and sometimes I get through especially if I serve clams, shrimp and fish. On some occasions, I buy different kinds of little quantities each and make pasta or risotto. It is one of my favorite Italian seafood dishes and fortunately the whole household agrees with me too.

Don't worry so much about choosing the right seafood together. To make it simpler, just combine a kind of fish, shrimp or squid or even both, and a kind of shellfish (try not to skip this one). If you put just three kinds together, the risotto will already pull itself together in giving you a delectable Seafood Risotto Use the right kind of quality rice which is Carnaroli or Vialone Nano. Arborio is also good if you don't have both. When you have the ingredients, go for it! Buon appetito!

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