Ristoro degli Angeli: Focusing on Traditional Bygone Roman Dishes on the Table

A stretch of change, a new management, an image restyling and a recovery of forgotten dishes. The Roman restaurant in the Garbatella district of Rome which has been recommended by major restaurant guidebooks for almost twenty years has taken a transformation in 2022 by its new management. Francesco Morrone and Domenico Falcone, two friends who are passionate about cooking, and Marco Ceccarelli, who already has a longstanding expertise in the sector have consolidated their efforts in keeping the Roman kitchen tradition that the restaurant has long been known for.

The staff with Marco Ceccarelli and Gabriele Giannatasio     

"The intimate and dreamy atmosphere of the place with its location in front of the Palladium Theater of the University of Roma Tre and its authenticity have certainly deeply impressed us," declared the owners. The identity for genuine Roman cuisine that was started from its opening in 2004, respectively in the kitchen and in the dining room, is valued by the new management. They have maintained the distinctive aspects of the place, but they have aimed at the enhancement of the kitchen and dining while they persevere in preserving the fundamentals of Roman tradition.

The philosophy of Ristoro degli Angeli restaurant revolves around the quality of the food and drinks that they offer. In view of this, their preferential attention to the choice of organic and kilometer zero products together with the use of new cooking techniques are foremost in the kitchen while there's a constant search for the excellence in the wine selection for their cellar, that has a particular focus on the wines of the Lazio region.

What makes the menu of Ristoro degli Angeli special is their focus on the rediscovery of bygone tradition dishes such as the uovo in trippa alla Romana, a typical Roman poor man's dish that uses strips of frittata in place of usual tripe, with tomato sauce, Pecorino DOP cheese and mentuccia, a local mint variety. "I have childhood memories of my grandmother making it and you don't find it in restaurants anymore," says Marco Ceccarelli.

At the table, tradition reigns supreme with some creative digressions that complete the menu: zucchini flowers stuffed with fiordilatte from Agerola and Cantabrian anchovies fried in rice tempura, rigatone all'amatriciana, carbonara or gricia, and homemade ravioli. When you arrive to the main course, two of their entries are absolutely commendable for their tenderness and fullness of flavors: lamb ribs with sweet potato purée; and the stuffed squid with seasonal vegetables Pecorino sauce and pistachio powder. The wine selection, entrusted to the restaurant manager and sommelier Gabriele Giannattasio, has about 37 labels and more than 20 references between digestives and distillates.

Spend about: appetizers (€9 to €16), first dishes of pasta & risotto (€12 to €16), main courses (€12 to €25), and desserts (€5 to €8).

Ristoro degli Angeli

Address: Via Luigi Orlando 2, 00154 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 06 51436020
Website: https://www.ristorodegliangeli.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RistoroDegliAngeli
Opening Times: Mondays to Fridays for dinner / Saturdays for lunch and dinner / Sundays for lunch