Ricci Pescheria con Cucina: Fish Shop and Seafood Cuisine of Fresh Catch in Rome

In the quiet arcades of Piazza Carli in Rome, Ricci Il Salumiere dal 1910 opened a new gastronomic format dedicated exclusively to the excellence of fish from the Tyrrhenian Sea procured daily from the fish auction of Fiumicino, together with Chef Daniele Usai. A master of seafood cuisine and a multi-awarded chef, Daniele Usai of Michelin-starred restaurant Il Tino and Quarantunododici Bistrot in Fiumicino, conceived and curated a project that is devoted solely to the seafood found in the Italian waters, in the small metropolitan space of Ricci Pescheria con Cucina in Rome. 

Ricci Il Salumiere dal 1910 is a historic food shop in Vigna Stelluti that has been making its famous leavened products for over a century and offers a selection of rarities and gastronomic delicacies unearthed around Italy and Europe by a team of taste professionals. With the same spirit of research into quality and valorization of raw materials, the idea of a place capable of offering itself as a small metropolitan seaside temple took shape in the Ricci house, where everything revolves around the freshness and purity of fish processing.

All in one place, Ricci Pescheria con Cucina is a modern fish shop attentive to the biodiversity of the Mediterranean and the biorhythm of the marine species that inhabit the Lazio coast. And in the same location is a gastronomic laboratory where seasonal recipes are created and the most virtuous fish processing techniques are tested. Lastly, it is also a seafood bistrot with a few tables that accommodate about twenty seats and more external ones in summer. The dining area overlooks the large open kitchen where every day, express innovative proposals are prepared by a team of chefs.

Usai abides by the fundamentals of his kitchen which are respecting seasonality, ensuring the freshness of the fish, punctuality in the techniques of preparation and maturation of the fish. With his twenty years of experience in haute cuisine, he brings the pillars of his kitchen to that of Ricci Pescheria. And with this project, he entrusted the kitchen to the hands of a young chef, Alessio Albanesi, who in the recent years has worked alongside him as sous chef of Il Tino as well as in the kitchen of one of the best restaurants in the world, Noma in Copenhagen. Alongside him are two other chefs, Angelica Finamore and Nicolò Falcioni who prepare the seafood recipes for take away or to be enjoyed seated at the tables. The fresh seafood counter works in tandem with the kitchen wherein you can select the seafood to buy which, upon request, can be prepared partially for later cooking at home or cooked and ready to be served on the table at home.

The menu varies daily, always depending on what they have acquired at the fresh fish auction in Fiumicino. However, do try the original supplĂ­ (fried crispy rice balls) that touch the Roman gastronomic tradition such as the mullet alla cacciatora and butter with anchovies. The dish of different kinds of seafood cooked in coconut milk cream, lemongrass and lime is exceptional as well as the seabass aged for 3 days with guazetto sauce. On sight is a special refrigerator that allow controlled temperature of maturation of fish holds surprises revealing diverse textures and concentration of flavors. Do try their sliced aged fish like the smoked sword fish aged for 50 days, tuna belly aged for 30 days and the ‘nduja of red tuna aged for 30 days. And to conclude the meal, a scoop of lemon sorbet with peanut crumble, salted caramel sauce and Taggiasche olives.

Ricci Pescheria con Cucina

Address: Piazza Filippo Carli, 16 – 00191 Rome, Italy

Tel: +39 064554498

Website: https://www.riccipescheria.it/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/riccipescheria
Open from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 9:00 to 22:00