Francesco Cerrato Opens RICE Sushi & Fish in Fiumicino: From Dream to Reality

What was once a dream has turned into a significant reality for Francesco Cerrato when he opened his sushi bar recently in Fiumicino with the support of his wife, Maria Grazia Macri. His passion for cooking had been evident from the time he was young when he was growing up in Salerno. His culinary formation started at the age of 14 in the hotel and restaurant institute in the town of Roccaraso located in the central Italian region of Abruzzo. There, he had a full immersion in the world of restaurants as he studied during the day and worked in the evenings in the local restaurants and pizzerias. Further on, he gained professional experience in Sardegna, Amalfi Coast, Belgium and Rome working in hotel kitchens and restaurants.

Opening a food activity at the peak of the pandemic had not been easy for Francesco and Maria Grazia but with sheer determination and hard work, they surpassed the challenging period with stability. Success seems to be siding with the couple because prior to Rice Sushi, in 2020, they started Live Sushi and Fish, a restaurant inside a hotel in Capo Vaticano in the southern Italian region of Calabria. In just a short period of time, it has become a reference point of excellence in the area. But eventually, they wanted to open their own place in the town where they live so Rice Sushi & Fish was born soon after. At present, their sushi bar has a steady stream of new and loyal clients who patronize them.

The secret formula is always on the use of fresh fish and the selection of excellent raw materials that Francesco uses in his creations. Working with raw seafood is a delicate matter and requires high attention to the quality of the ingredients. Francesco works on raw materials at 0 km as much as possible and he does not use semi-finished products. Freshness is construed with characteristics of brightness, absence of odors and decisive flavors which are foremost in their sushi. Another strong point of Rice Sushi & Fish is the dessert category which is handled by Maria Grazia. Having found her passion as well, she has found her niche in pastry and cake making that during the pandemic, studies and research have led her to the production of the sweet delights that are in offer at the sushi bar.

Rice Sushi & Fish is small, accommodating only about 10 people at a time. Having been born in a particularly strange moment when restrictions of the first period of the pandemic had been in position, it had been thought of as a reference point for take-away and delivery. With the business becoming more demanding, there is a future project of renewing to a more spacious venue.

The menu is ample with classic sushi proposals to creative combinations, some popular cooked appetizers, as well as pokè. Sashimi of 3 pieces are between €5 to €8, and a mixture of 15 pieces to €25. Different kinds of sushi like the Mono Maki of 8 pieces are between €4 to €8; Uramaki of 8 pieces are between €10 to €18; Nigiri and Gunkan of 2 pieces are between €4 to €5; Temaki at €6; Gyoza of 4 pieces at around €7; Tartare between €10 to €12; and Pokè between €9 to €14. For bigger orders, the Sushi Boxes are between €17.50 to €55 for 12 to 40 pieces, whereas for the "Cakes" made of sushi rolls between 50 to 200 pieces, the prices range from €95 to €300. Homemade cakes and desserts are between €4 to €5.

RICE Sushi & Fish

Via Anco Marzio, 76D
00054 Fiumicino (RM), Italy
Tel: +39 327 1750014