Traditional Seafood Cuisine and a Panoramic View at La Vista Resort Agriturismo in Ariccia

Thirty kilometers south of Rome, La Vista Resort Agriturismo presents a splendid panorama of the Latium coastal towns sloping softly down to the Tyrrhenian Coast. La Vista, as its name suggests, is a terrace set on the Alban Hills immersed in the green regional park of Castelli Romani where the views become more spectacular with the vibrant blushing of the skies as the sun goes down. The three-hectare resort is positioned just outside the town of Ariccia in proximity to Lake Nemi and Genzano di Roma. It is the latest addition to the hospitality and catering activities of the Amici family, prominent owners of Il Borgo Ariccia and Monte Due Torri Genzano with a total area of 60 hectares of vineyards and olive groves.

Spacious with large panoramic windows, the restaurant's dining room can accommodate 30 while the terrace can hold the same number. One of the strengths of the place is the beautiful view it provides, day or night, from whichever table you stay. The Amici family are hands on in making sure the dining experience at La Vista is at a 360° excellence. Chef Josè directs the kitchen while his sister Arianna takes care of the dining area. The menu that Jose created is prevalently traditional Italian cuisine with modern influence based on seafood. The proposals are seasonal with raw ingredients chosen on their distinguishing quality. The fresh seafood comes directly from the fishmongers along the coast of Lazio while 60% of the ingredients specifically the oil, wheat and wine are produced by them. 

You will find interesting creations from the appetizer selections, varying in number of dishes and suggested for 2 persons from the Gran Misto di Mare of 6 dishes composed of 3 cooked and 3 raw at €12; Gran Misto di Mare of 12 dishes composed of 6 cooked and 6 raw at €23; and Gran Misto di Mare of 20 dishes composed of 10 cooked and 10 raw at €38. The pasta and risotto are between €10 to €16, the main course between €18 to €22, and the dessert at around €5. There is also a Fixed Seafood Menu at €36 composed of 4 appetizers, pasta, main course with side dish, dessert, water, 1/4 bottle of wine and coffee. The most notable dish is the Tagliolini al Ragù di Triglia (Ragù of Red Mullet) where the defined flavors of the fish and tomatoes blend deliciously well.

Next to the restaurant is the row of apartments with panoramic views and private pocket garden each while the swimming pool is just a few steps away. In the warm period, perhaps it's a great idea for a weekend getaway from the city. 

La Vista Resort Agriturismo

Via Prelatura, 12
00040 Ariccia (RM), Italy
Tel: +39 069340025