The Classic Italian Cocktails-To-Go of Mixami

There's always a good reason why classics stick around forever. They never go away however innovative the world around us is fast evolving. Don't worry, we're not old-fashioned. We just appreciate what is timelessly good. In this sense, Mixami has pegged what makes our palates recall memories of great days at the cocktail bar. For sure bartenders showing off their modern flair techniques behind the counter while they throw the drinks in shakers is a spectacle but fluid moves aside, we sit down at the counter to enjoy a well-prepared cocktail and sometimes, we can enjoy these drinks in the comfort of our own homes or just anywhere.

But times change, situations diversify and we shift towards clever innovation. We suddenly find ourselves taking in the strides of Generations X & Y who embrace the convenience of fast casual food and drink experience. Mixami's portable mono portion cocktails are ready to drink anywhere. The ergonomic bottles become shot glasses when they are opened with a capsule cap that closes them easily plus the cylindrical 100 ml. bottles are space savers in the fridge.

The 24 mixtures are based on materials of prime quality. The infusions are obtained from the maceration of diverse botanical ingredients in hydroalcoholic solution with about 50% alcohol for 15 days while the essential oils are obtained from distillation in a current of steam with the fresh skin of the fruits.

So let's rekindle those flavors we have always loved in our mixology menu: Mai Tai, Manhattan, Cosmopolitan, Gimlet, Black Russian, Angelo Azzurro, Zombie, Amaretto Sour, Aviation, Boulevardier, Caipiroska Fragola, Clover Club, Daiquiri, Hanky Panky, Invisible, Martini Cocktail, Mojito, Moscow Mule, Negroni, Negroni Orange, Old Fashioned Whisky, Porn Star Martini, Sex on the Beach and Whisky Sour. Soon they can ordered online by boxes of 1, 3, 6, 12 and 20.

My best drinks? The Black Russian, Amaretto Sour, Aviation, Invisible, Mai Tai and Boulevardier