The Vibrant and Fresh Wines of Paladin Vigne e Vini of Veneto, Italy

Years of following around his grandfather from the vineyards to the cellar has influenced a curious child into continuing his family's legacy when he reached adulthood. Growing up with the excitement of having healthy grapes, the perennial anxiety over the weather, the touch of the soil and the smell of wine cellars do embed remarkable imprints into a child's life. That is how Valentino Paladin started to take the road of viticulture and winemaking and founded Paladin Vigne e Vini in 1962 in the town of Motta di Livenza in northern Italy. For almost 60 years, Paladin Vigne e Vini has stood out for its dedication in staying authentic with its expression of the territory and respecting winemaking traditions where historical and international varieties coexist in the vineyards. Passion, research, dedication and respect are the main values that have guided Valentino's philosophy in creating his wines. These values have been transmitted to his children, Carlo and Roberto Paladin, who pursue their father's dedicated vocation to respect. A productive philosophy based on sustainable valorization of the land and on the production of wines are the distinguishing features of Paladin.

The vineyards of Paladin Vigne e Vini extend beween Veneto and Friuli regions, along the historical Postumia road which was built by the Roman Consul Postumio Albino in the 2nd century to join the two major Roman ports of northern Italy, Genua and Aquileia. Described by Pliny the Elder as an immense vineyard from where the Roman ships started their journeys to Rome with the cargo full of wine. The soil, composed mainly of clay and limestone from the last glaciation,  is particularly suitable in growing international varieties because its minerals give the grapes a particular characteristic of tipicity.

The Paladin family's interest in wine started with Paladin Vigne e Vini, the first winery in the Casa Paladin group's family of brands. With the guiding values that remained imprinted in their philosophy, the company flourished and crossed regional borders, spreading their vision to other territories in Italy. In view of the company’s philosophy, Casa Paladin has created its project, the Reasoned Viticulture or 4Vs: Vite, Vino, Verde, Vita (Vine, Wine, Green, Life), where the vineyard is considered as an ecosystem that is carefully managed to preserve the territory’s biodiversity and to guarantee the qualitative productivity while safeguarding the consumers’ and environmental health. All the wines of the wine estates of Casa Paladin including Paladin Vigne e Vinii, are vegan certified, they use 50% less sulfites from the standard limit and they don’t use chemicals. With their pursuance to the development in viticulture, Casa Paladin’s family of brands has grown over the years to five wineries which share the same purpose of attaining excellence and maintaining the naturality of the different territories where they are located: Premiata Fattoria di Castelvecchi in Tuscany; Paladin Vigne e Vini in Veneto; Casa Lupo in Veneto; Bosco del Merlo between Friuli and Veneto; and Castello Bonomi in Franciacorta.

Prosecco Extra Dry Millesimato DOC 2019

Obtained from 100% Glera cultivated on the hills of the historical Annone Veneto and produced through the Charmat method. It has a pale straw yellow color with fine, moderately numerous and persistent perlage. The nose is particularly fresh and fruit-forward emphasizing the varietal's crispy green pear and apple and a delicate whiff of white flowers. The mouth confirms the aromas, with a good acidity and sapidity. Pleasant to drink alone or with some simple seafood or vegetable cruditès

Prosecco Rosè Brut Millesimato DOC 2020

Obtained from 90% Glera and 10% Pinot Noir cultivated from the historical Annone Veneto vineyards. The grapes are vinified separately and in different periods to obtain a perfect balance between the two varieties and to preserve the freshness and flavors.The Glera are fermented in at a low temperature in stainless steel tanks while the Pinot Noit was vinified in red with fermentation and maceration with the skins. Charmat method is used wherein the second fermentation in an autoclave was at a low temperature with frequent batonnage for at least 60 days. The rosè acquired a soft rose color with fine and persistent perlage. The nose shows off prominent aromas of wild strawberries, raspberries, crispy apples, mingling with white floral aromas. It shows off more these aromas in the mouth with a very good acidity, softness and and a pleasant long finish. An elegant and harmonious wine that can be enjoyed with some simply cooked seafood and vegetable dishes or simply toasting with friends.

Paladin Pinot Grigio Rosè 2020

Obtained from perfectly-ripe Pinot Noir vines cultivated in the windiest and sunniest vineyards in the estate and soil composed of a high percentage of clay balanced with caranto (compact silty-sandy clay) which gives the wine well-defined notes of minerality and freshness. The harvest is fragmented to reach the balance between the acidity from the first harvest and aromatic varietal notes from the second harvest. Each harvest is subjected to cryo-maceration at a low temperature to obtain a light copper color. Fermentation and refinement in stainless steel for a few months then blended together. The color plays between pale copper and pale pink with an intense fruit-forward clean nose like crispy green pear apples, peach, lemon and grapefruit peel and dried field flowers. The mouth has a good freshness, sapidity, crispy fruits and flowers with a light bitterness and a persistent ending.

Paladin Vigne e Vini

Via Postumia, 12

30020 Annone Veneto (VE), Italy

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