Altavela: A New Italian Gourmet Seafood Restaurant in Fiumicino

Fiumicino is a fishing town that's located on the western edge of Rome where the sea is its main source of activity. One of the most popular fishing hub where local fishermen unload and sell their catch, it's the town where you can definitely get seafood cuisine at its excellence in quality. Its proximity to Rome makes it one of the day destinations from the city and in this tune, the town is full of seafood restaurants to choose from.

One of the newest addition is Altavela Ristorante where the young proprietor Luca de Lisi has focused his restaurant's approach to something more than traditional in the menu. A gourmet seafood cuisine using raw materials of high quality is the format that he has developed for Altavela. A sense of being different and dynamic while still approachable in the palate resonate in his proposals. And this concept is embraced by Chef Flavio Trambaiolo along with Sous Chef Roberto Micali in the kitchen. The options are interesting and seasonal so Chef Flavio creates new concoctions when seasons and the availability of raw ingredients change. They don't limit themselves to what can be locally procured in Fiumicino because there are some seafood of prestige that are only acquirable in other parts of Italy, like the red shrimp of Mazara, a species of shrimp that is mainly fished at around 700 meters deep in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea in the small town of Mazara del Vallo in Sicily. It is valued highly by chefs all over the world for its vibrant coral-red colord and distinguishing special taste and when eaten raw.

The menu has both raw and cooked appetizers between €11 to €15, while the Crudo Imperiale (a 3-tiered plate of raw seafood) is priced at €50, and the Antipasto dello Chef (chef's selection of appetizer tasting of 4 raw and 4 cooked proposals) is at €45. There are also singular orders of oysters between €3 to €5. The pasta dishes are priced between €14 to €20, for the main courses, €15 to €24 and desserts around €5. For the traditionalists, Altavela does leave some room for the classic dishes like the Spaghetti alle Vongole Veraci, the raw seafood options, Grilled Seafood Mix and the Fried Calamari, Shrimp and Anchovies. There are a lot of plates to tried especially the classic raw and grilled dishes but if you want to try something different, do try the Salmon Marinated in Coffee with Mustard Sauce while for the pasta, the Homemade Ravioli with the Catch of the Day and Baked Pachino Tomatoes with Orange are good as well as the Linguine with 'Nduja with Razor Shells and Cream of Burrata are excellent dishes.

Although the restaurant is not centrally positioned in the seaside part of Fiumicino, Altavela has become one of the destinations of gourmet seafood enthusiasts in Fiumicino. Minimally decorated in white, the restaurant exudes a relaxing atmosphere of casual elegance with a friendly service headed by Luca himself. Respecting the anti-Covid regulations quite firmly, the restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating with well-distanced tables while wearing of masks is strictly enforced. 

Altavela Ristorante

Via Passo Buole, 97
00054 Fiumicino (RM), Italy
Tel: +39 346 6068943