Ukiyo Cocktail Tasting at the Japanese Room of Drink Kong in Rome

Ukiyo, a Japanese term described as "The Floating World", means the importance of living the moment detached from the rigors of everyday life. In a parallel manner, the wisdom of Ichi-Go, Ichi-E goes on the same stride as Ukiyo. Ichi-Go, Ichi-E teaches us to savor the special moments in life because they only happen once. When a group of people get together, that particular gathering cannot be replicated ever again, and for that reason, each moment is always once-in-a-lifetime.

This is the concept from which the Japanese Room of Drink Kong is inspired from. Born from the oriental style of meditation, it enables us to fully appreciate certain moments in life wherein we can devote a part of our time to a different form of interaction with ourselves and others. At the Japanese Room of Drink Kong, this time will be spent embracing the Ukiyo route, a journey between history and techniques of how drinks are born, giving us the possibility to comprehend and savor them more.

Drink Kong is a Roman cocktail bar in a 300-meter square labyrinth of rooms, the heart of which is the long bar that greets the guests at the entrance. A joint venture of world renowned bartender Patrick Pistolese along with his other partners that just opened last year, Drink Kong continues to attract the Roman and international crowd into its dark 80s metropolitan atmosphere and Blade Runner style. 

Ukiyo is a unique demonstration and tasting of cocktails prepared personally by Patrick Pistolesi in front of his ten guests in the Japanese Room. Seated on the long cherry wood long table, away from the bustle of the main bar, the guests can have the privilege to have a more private interaction with the bartender. The tasting is a path focused on diverse tastes that everyone journeys together, identifying the various flavors and nuances that can be found in each of the drink. The tasting starts with the definition of the dry taste, followed by salty-spicy, bitter, sour, and lastly, sweet. To further underline the experience, each of the drink is accompanied by dishes prepared by Drink Kong's Executive Chef Marco Morello. 

Highly commendable is Patrick's version of salty and spicy Bloody Mary made with the French Alain Milliat green Zebra tomato juice paired with the Coda di Vaccinara (Roman oxtail stew) of the chef.  The White Lady is also a drink accompanied by a thick slice of wild salmon marinated with red beets. The Ukiyo tasting experience is priced at €70 and can be booked straight at the bar. 

A deep comprehensive voyage through flavors, aromas, stories, and techniques is a unique snapshot of a new discovery at Drink Kong. Ukiyo, living it just once.

Piazza San Martino ai Monti, 8
00184 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 2348 8666
Open daily from 18:30 to 02:00 except Mondays 

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