When Emotions Unfold on the Table at Metamorfosi Ristorante in Rome, Italy

Rarely do emotions take over you when you eat in a restaurant. A delicious dish is a great treat but something that can stir up sentiments that the chef wants to convey in his dishes is profoundly impressive. When Roy Salomon Caceres is in the kitchen, his dishes unravel with the unverbalized stories that he wants to tell. Born in Colombia in 1977 then transplanted to Italy when he was at a young age of sixteen, his stories are unique and bountiful which are spiced with aromas from far away. A chef is like a silent storyteller whose words are the ingredients that he uses and the the way he puts them together is the story that he wants to relay. He provokes sentiments with what he has shaped. He leaves a door open to the adventurous gourmand who likes to traverse a cuisine that continues to reveal different roads.

His experiences in the Italian kitchens of Relais & Chateaux Il Pellicano in Porto Ercole, La Locanda Solarola in Castel Guelfo, and finally Pipero in Albano Laziale helped him strengthen his philosophy and techniques.In 2010, he opened Metamorfosi and in 2012, he received his Michelin star.

A dining experience at Metamorfosi is distinctively powerful from the moment you sit down until you stand up. Starting with the impeccable service that the dining staff provides plus the wine pairing suggestions of Sommelier Paolo Abballe, you get a complete package of an unforgettable dinner. With a Michelin star under his belt, the creations of Roy are true gastronomic masterpieces that inspires the palate to discover new flavors and sensations. His dishes are visually captivating with enchanting intricacies in serving and most importantly exquisitely seasoned.

Being a accomplished artist in the kitchen, one of his most celebrated dishes is the Anti-Pasta, a plate that resembles orange-colored linguine but is actually an elaborate amalgamation of vegetables, gobbetti shrimp and a variety of seafood. Another spectacle to the eyes and to the palate is the Risotto Opercolato (Encased Risotto), made of mushrooms and hazelnuts in different consistencies including an edible paper-thin cover that dissipates when you pour the sauce on it.

In the menu, the prices of the appetizers are between €28 to €30, while the first plate of risotto or pasta takes an average of €30, the main course between €38 to €45 and the desserts at €20 to €25. Taking one of the tasting menus is the best way to understand his philosophy. The tasting menu comprised of 6 courses costs €110 with an option of wine pairing of 4 glasses at €65. The bigger tasting menu of 10 courses costs €150 with an option of wine pairing of 6 glasses at €95. Prices can change, check their site for current prices.

Metamorfosi Ristorante

Via Giovanni Antonelli, 30
00197 Rome (RM), Italy

Tel: +39 068076839

Open for lunch and dinner from Mondays to Saturdays (open for dinner only)
Closed on Sundays 

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