Le Guide di Repubblica 2019 of Rome and Lazio

The Le Guide di Repubblica Roma e Lazio has 418 new additions to its 2019 edition. Released last September in Italy, the new guidebook with text in Italian, once again presents the beauty and gastronomy of the Lazio region, with the main focus on the capital, Rome.

The guide covers the whole region of Lazio with ample proposals of 1,194 restaurants, 109 pizzerias, 64 wine producers, 64 oil producers, 114 boutique hotels in historical buildings, 285 gourmet shops, 99 street food places, spas, bicycle paths, recipes from chefs and traditional dishes.

Among the new additions of the guide, there are 9 awards of excellence in the book including:

Premio alla Carriera (Career Award): Alessandro Narducci

Miglior Cucina di Quartiere (Best Cuisine of the Quarter): Nuova Florentina (Rome)

Miglior Gelateria (Best Gelato Shop): Giolitti (Rome)

Miglior Cucina d'Acqua Dolce (Best Fresh Water Cuisine): La Trota (Rivodutri)

Miglior Format Gastronomico (Best Gastronomic Format): Orecchietteria Banfi (Rome)

Miglior Cucina Sostenibile (Best Sustainable Cuisine): Colline Ciociare (Acuto)

Miglior Pizzeria Emergente (Best Emerging Pizzeria): I Quintilli (Rome)

Miglior Ristorante d'Arte (Best Artistic Restaurant): La Rosetta (Rome)

Miglior Ristorante del Litorale (Best Coastal Restaurant): Pascucci al Porticciolo (Fiumicino)

The guide was formally presented to us at Magnolia Restaurant with the dinner prepared by Chef Franco Madama inside Grand Hotel Via Veneto in Rome along with Giuseppe Cerasa, the director of Le Guide di Repubblica.

Le Guide di Repubblica Roma e Lazio 2019

2019 Edition / 720 pages / Text in Italian

Price: €12.90