Monte 2 Torri Gourmet Ristorante in Genzano (Rome), Italy

Castelli Romani has always been a refuge to Romans for centuries. With just 30 kilometers from Rome, the towns at the feet of Colli Albani (Alban Hills), the beautiful rolling verdant hills lined with vineyards and orchards, volcanic lakes, and specialized local enogastronomy charm not only the Romans but also people from different parts of the world.

Immersed in vineyards in the town of Genzano, a newly-opened gourmet restaurant emerges from an ancient Roman cistern. Monte 2 Torri Gourmet is an intimate restaurant with stone walls and vaulted ceilings that accommodates 12 diners for exquisite dinners. After descending from its staircase the corridor flanked by a cozy lounge area on the left, a wine cellar and tables on the right then you arrive to the highlight of the structure,  a circular room which was originally the area where rainwater was collected. With the high ceiling, a circular glass top opening that gives an outstanding view of the sky, walls covered in bricks and works like an echo chamber, dining in this room is unmistakably a memorable experience.

The restaurant is located in the in the bucolic premises of Agriturismo Due Torri. The gourmet restaurant was born from the desire of its young Executive Chef Josè Amici to have a cuisine that revisits the Lazial territory through haute cuisine techniques and meticulous search for the true flavors region. His inspiration roots from the extravagant recipes of Apicius, the first chef in the history of Rome. The love for his land and its products transmitted by his grandfather and the passion for cooking transmitted by his father Edoardo. Backed by his culinary education and intern experiences in the kitchens of Michelin-starred chefs Heinz Beck and Gianfranco Vissani, Josè opened his restaurant to all gourmet food lovers.

Monte 2 Torri Gourmet features wines from their own small production, a Charmat sparkling wine and still wine made with Bellone, an indigenous white grape of the region of Lazio. They also produce 100% Syrah for the red wine. Aside from their wines, the wine menu also puts the best regional wines of Lazio as the protagonists to accompany the local flavors and aromas that you can find in the dishes.  

Only organic products accompanied by these wines make the kitchen of Monte 2 Torri Gourmet an interesting proposal in the rich culinary panorama of the Castelli Romani. With the richness in interesting culinary approaches, expect a menu that fulfills every kind of curious palate.

Monte 2 Torri Gourmet Ristorante

Via Montegiove Nouvo, 77
00045 Genzano di Roma (RM), Italy
Tel: +39 069363276