Dieci Amanti in Cucina: A Novel by Eva Forte

Dieci Amanti in Cucina which means Ten Lovers in the Kitchen is the third novel of Eva Forte which was recently released in Rome. The text is in Italian and it is available both in pocketbook form or in Kindle.

Dieci Amanti in Cucina is a mystery novel angled towards the culinary world where ten recipes are shared in the story that intertwines together with the life of the protagonist, Camille. It is about the mystery of the disappearance of a well-known Austrian chef that leads a private investigator named Reiter in a small village in Provence. Here the characters revolve around a vegetable garden composed of ten plates, ready to host a different type of crop, each of which is represented by a recipe.

Camille, the victim of a failed love story, begins to live her love stories trying not to suffer anymore and leave her love intact forever. The story goes in the space of ten years, wherein time goes back and forth between Italy, France and Austria, tasty dishes and mysterious disappearances.

Eva Forte is a Roman writer who is already in her third publication. Her previous novels include DUE and Equilibrio.

Dieci Amanti in Cucina is published by La Ragnatela Editore in 22 February 2018.
The book was presented in Grandma Bistrot in Rome, Italy with some dishes realized by Chef Lorenzo Leonetti from the recipes in the book, theatrical representations of some excerpts of the book plus live music.