Il Circolo della Bottiglia at Eataly Rome, Italy

At the Grande Enoteca of Eataly Rome in Ostiense, a very interesting wine tasting takes place on selected Friday evenings starting at 20:00. Le Bolle (The Bubbles), the first appointment and it was all about bubbly wines from different parts of Italy. Paola Pozzoli, a sommelier and the manager of Grande Enoteca of Eataly Rome who conducted the tasting, opened 15 bottles of bubbly wines that were done in different methods, grapes and regions. It’s a great way to tour Italy with your nose and palate by trying the different aromas and flavors that identify the diversity of Italian bubbly wines!

The interesting part is a winemaker of one of the wines in the tasting will be joining the evening anonymously during the tasting. You can guess who she/he is!

The price is €18 for the tasting of 15 wines plus some platters of red and white pizza al taglio. 


The next appointments are:

11 May 2018 - Serata in Rosso: I Vini Rossi d'Italia (The Red Wines of Italy)
25 May 2018 - Gli Autoctoni: Selezione di Vini da Vitigni Autoctoni (Selection of Wines of Indigenous Grapes)
8 June 2018- Serata in Biano: I Vini Bianchi d'Italia (The White Wines of Italy)

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