Icona Glamorize at Gus Social Bar in Rome, Italy

Icona Glamorize is a series of events that unites two Roman entities, Glamorize and The Walkman Magazine that showcase young talent in the field of visual arts, design, architecture, music, food and lifestyle who proudly carry the mark, Made in Italy. Gus, a bar and restaurant that was recently renovated at the center of Rome is the chosen location for the Icona Glamorize events.

Gus is the home of the talented Gustavo Blumensthil, a globetrotting merchant, and a writer,  who hosts creative and interesting figures whose stories intertwine and give life to new ideas. At the Icona Glamorize events, there are exotic cocktail drinks for the guests, and interesting dishes of seafood, meat and vegetables that will definitely excite everyone’s palate with the accompaniment of vibrant music. It’s a place where everyone is invited to relax, socialize and just enjoy the evening with exciting people.

Icona Glamorize has already realized a couple of successful events in the past weeks and will continue to organize events once a month at Gus. You can check the future events at their Facebook Page. Booking ahead is highly recommendable.

In the pictures are from the March 21st, the first official event. It was a full-house, with an explosive outcome. Hundreds of personalities arrived for the cocktails, dinner and after-dinner drinks and transformed the living room of Gus into a full-swinging party. The selected music of Giorgia Lee animated the evening with Deep House and Deep Techno then the explosive Jam JJ turned the house with Pop, Black, Trap and R&B music.

Glamorize ICONA is an opportunity to feel a part of a lively reality, to be able to observe and take part in stimulating ambience. Don’t miss out on the next appointment! 

To book, call Glamorize at +39 393 104 1738.

Gus Bar & Social Club

Via dei Cosmati, 3
00193 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 06 86929033
Email: info@gusroma.it

The Walkman Magazine

Glamorize Roma

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