QuarantunoDodici in Fiumicino (Rome), Italy

Nautilus Marina Yacht Club, a nautical complex in Fiumicino that has an internationally renowned shipyard and has one of the most important moorings of Lazio along the Tiber River has been hosting the bistrot of QuarantunoDodici and Michelin-starred Ristorante Il Tino, both at the helm of Chef Lele Usai, since mid-2016.  In these days, both restaurants are undergoing reformatting of the structure and philosophy. Both restaurants are located in the same building where QuarantunoDodici, open for lunch and dinner, resides on the ground floor that includes outdoor seating right in front of the Tiber River. Ristorante Il Tino, open only for dinner instead, is located on the upper floor of the building which faces the river too.

QuarantunoDodici. It's a long word, here let me help you. Pronounced (kwa-ran-tù-no-dò-di-chi) and translated to forty one-twelve in English, it is a peculiar name for a bistrot but it actually stands for the geographical coordinates of the place, 41-12, along the Tiber River in the town of Fiumicino where the river meets the Tyrrhenean Sea.

QuarantunoDodici gives a casual mood to its diners with a modern interior space with lots of wood and glass, between portholes, nautical tops and naval charts. The big plus is the large external area where on sunny days you can enjoy a pleasant moment outdoors among the boats moored in the dock of Tiber River.

From the end of February, Chef Daniele Usai, together with his partners, Stefano Loreti and the Stillitano family decided to open Il QuaratunoDodici also for dinner. It will therefore be possible to continue enjoying dining at the bistrot not only during the day but also well over dinner where the outdoor space permits a wonderful dining experience by the river. Dining inside the bright interior space of the bistrot with the large windows allows the diners, a more a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere as well as from indoors with the large glass windows and bright interior space that gives the feeling of being among the boats moored on the bank of the Tiber River. 

Everyday, for lunch and dinner, QuarantunoDodici takes out exquisite ideas of seafood dishes using the locally sourced fish as the main ingredients. In contrast to Ristorante Il Tino's refined cuisine, the food at QuarantunoDodici is the pop version of the dishes of Chef Lele Usai. They are  tied with the territory that carry ingredients and local fragrances of the sea, enhanced by the creative touches of a talented chef.

There are three proposals of the week that changes every month designed according to the availability of the ingredients and the inspiration of the chef, which at times can also be not from the sea. Expect some classic flavors that are revisited by the inventiveness of the chef. There are some new combinations that bring out the best of the chosen tastes.  

For the current menu, expect some exquisite appetizers like Gazpacho Invernale e Mazzancolle Croccanti (Winter Gazpacho and Crispy Caramote Shrimp) at €12.50, Tartare di Tonno e Avocado (Tuna Tartare and Avocado) at €13.50, a touch of Asian aromas with the Soutè di Cozze un po' Thai (A Bit Thai Sautèed Clams) at €12.50 or enjoy the Crudo di Pesce del Giorno (Raw Fish of the Day) at €25.

The pasta dishes are geared more towards the classic plates like Spaghetti alla Vongole (Spaghetti with Clams) at €13, Strozzapreti alla Puttanesca di Tonno Fresco (Strozzapreti alla Puttanesca with Fresh Tuna) at €13, the flavorful Ravioli alla Pescatora (Seafood Ravioli) at €15, or perhaps an irresistible plate of Tonnarelli all'Astice (Tonnarelli with European Lobster) at €19. 

For the main course, all the best of the sea are expressed in one bowl of Zuppa di Pesce (Fish Soup) at €23, or get more familiar flavors with the Fritto di Calamari, Mazzancolle e Verdure in Tempure (Squid, Caramote Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura) at €18, or a Mediterranean-inspired dish of Grigliata Mista di Pesce con Insalata (Grilled Mixture of Fish with Salad) at €23. 

Consulting the menu, the meal can be concluded with equally delectable dessert proposals like the Pannacotta agli Agrumi (Pannacotta with Citrus Fruit) at €6, Tiramisù at €6 or a simple and fresh Macedonia di Frutta con Gelato alla Crema (Fresh Fruit Salad with Cream Gelato) at €6.

Haute cuisine is Lele Usai's daily bread. It is a beautiful dream that continues to give him great satisfaction, but there is also another side of him. He feels the need to express his most genuine side that's linked to the territory to make his loyal customers get to know the simplest part of him, always attentive to the choice of local ingredients and the daily catch from the sea.

Ristorante Il Tino is currently undergoing a renovation for a much better quality of dining. There will be 3 major changes and these are: the tables will be reduced from 12 to 8, there will be a new open kitchen in the restaurant where Lele Usai and his team will be preparing the food and a new entrance for that permits the diners of Ristorante Il Tino direct access to the upper floor. It will be open every night except Wednesdays for dinner. Watch out for its reopening on 16 March 2018! 


Via Monte Cadria, 127
00054 Fiumicino (RM), Italy 
Tel: +39 06 6581179

Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner