Il Bosco Umbro di Paolo Trippini (Inside Eataly) in Rome, Italy

The flavors and aromas of Umbria are back to Rome with the kitchen of Chef Paolo Trippini. For the second year in a row, Chef Paolo Trippini of Ristorante Trippini in Civitella del Lago and Hotel La Badia in Orvieto, makes a comeback to Eataly Rome for the whole months of March and April (until 30 April).  Named Il Bosco Umbro di Paolo Trippini, the temporary restaurant is being hosted on the third floor of Eataly where exquisite innovations of the Umbrian cuisine in the kitchen of Paolo Trippini will be presented in an inviting menu dedicated to the Umbrian woods.

After the tour at Eataly Florence, Bologna, Turin, Milan and Copenhagen, Chef Trippino returns to Rome with his Umbrian cuisine. He designed two new proposals for lunch and for dinner designed to satisfy everyone's needs.

For lunch, there is an easy menu that is made exclusively with the products offered daily by Eataly's fresh produce. There are interesting proposals like the Fagottino Ricotta Erba e Salsa di Agrumi (Fagottino with Ricotta, Herbs and Citrus Sauce) at €12, the Pasta e Ceci in Brodo (Pasta and Chickpeas in Broth) at €10, the Tonnarelli alla Carbonara di Broccoletti (Tonnarelli Pasta with Carbonara of Broccoletti) at €14, or the Pollo Farcito alle Erbe di Campo con Cavolo Nero Saltato (Stuffed Chicken with Field Herbs and Sautèed Tuscan Kale) at €16.

For a special kind of burger, it's best to try their famous TripBurger that's made with potato bread, sweet and sour red onions, tarragon mayonnaise or the Civitella-style cod. Finally you can not miss the Arrosto di Maialino con Senape e Vino Rosso (Roasted Suckling Pig with Mustard and Red Wine)!

For dinner, the dining room is transformed into a more elegant ambience, with a menu that offers a selection of dishes from the Ristorante Trippini in Civitella del Lago. The Il Bosco Umbro or the Umbrian Woods represent the gastronomic philosophy of Paolo Trippini, most which have already been in the menu for many years. They depict all the aromas and flavors of the Umbrian land that change according to the seasonality of the products.

Start the dinner with some enticing appetizers like the the unforgettable Bosco Umbro (Umbrian Woods) which is comprised of potatoes, truffles, asparagus and roots at €12, Quaglia Farcita alla Erbe con Ricotta al Limone (Quail Stuffed with Herbs and Lemon Ricotta) at €14, or the Tartare di Manzo con Uovo Marinato e Tartufo (Beef Tartare with Marinated Egg and Truffles) at €16.

Tradition and great attention to the use of raw materials stand out both in the first and second courses. Among the first course or pasta dishes there are Tagliatelle al Tartufo Nero di Norcia (Tagliatelle with Black Truffles of Norcia) at €20, Pappardelle al Cinghiale con Salsa di Agrumi (Pappardelle with Wild Boar and Citrus Sauce) at €16 or the Tortelli di Broccoli, Ragù di Coniglio e Tartufo Bianchetto (Broccoli Tortelli, Rabbit Ragù and Bianchetto Truffles) at €16. 

As for the second course, there are some interesting entries like the Tagliata di Cervo con Pera al Vino e Patate al Rosmarino (Venison Flank Steak with Pear Cooked in Wine and Potatoes with Rosemary) at €22, the Piccione Rosato in Salmì e Tartufo (Salmì Pigeon With Truffles) at €22, or the Agnello Fritto e Arrosto con Pecorino e Menta (Fried and Roasted Lamb with Pecorino and Mint) at €20 which is a must-try.

The menu is concluded with luscious desserts like the Cannolo Croccante (Crispy Cannolo) at €10, the Flan Caldo al Cioccolato Fondente (Hot Flan with Dark Chocolate) at €10 and Gelato alle Mandorle con Datteri, Caffè e Cioccolato Caldo (Almond Gelato with Dates, Coffee and Hot Chocolate) at €10.

Paolo Trippini has two main restaurants in Umbria. The Ristorante Trippini in Civitella del Lago, which I had the pleasure to visit, has been with his grandparents since 1964 and has gained recognition for its excellent Italian cuisine throughout the years during his parents' period until now that he took over the kitchen. The second Ristorante Trippini is inside Hotel La Badia in Orvieto, also in Umbria.

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Il Bosco Umbro di Paolo Trippini is open daily for lunch and dinner for the months of March and April 2018 only.

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