28 Birreria Gastronomica in Rome, Italy

A marriage of two important beer producers in one house. We all love stories of unions as opposed to separations of course because it signifies constructive steps to growth, augmentation of varied possibilities, and simply because it is positive in all ways. Caulier, a Belgian beer producer and Toccolmatto, an Italian craft beer producer paved one road to their union in one gastronomic place in Rome, the reformatted 28 Birreria Gastronomica in Via Flaminia 525.

Toccolmatto is a craft beer producer that was born in October of 2008 in Fidenza, Italy in the hands of Bruno Carilli. It is known for its distinctive beers and the innovative use of ingredients. Bruno had significant experiences in the agro-food industry including working for Carlsberg Brewery. When he opened Toccolmatto in the Village of Taste of Fidenza, it was only a production of 5 hectolitres then by 2015, the new production site was producing ten times more.

Upper photo: (left) Bruno Carilli, founder of Toccolmatto and (right) Federico Scapin, Administrator of Caulier Italy   Bottom photo: The staff of 28 Birreria Gastronomica
Caulier on the other hand is an older brewery that was established in 1842 in Belgium. At the end of the 19th century, the brewery started its major export route to the United States. In the succeeding years, it had changed its name a few times and merged with other breweries. By the 1970s, it joined the Interbrew Group, the founder of the beer brand Stella Artois. Over the years, the brand slowly disappeared. In 2008, Eric Coppieters bought the traditional Caulier beer brand and established Caulier Sugar Free to produce beer without colorants, sweeteners and preservatives following the original recipes when the brewery was established in 1842. The beers strong points are being gluten free, low in calories and for the diabetic. Caulier produces several lines of beer but the main one is 28, an old brand of the Caulier which used to be brewed with 28 kilograms of grain per hectolitre.

With the joint venture of both breweries, the Italian production of the Caulier beers will be brewed by Toccolmatto Brewery at 28 Birreria Gastronomica while the rest will still be brewed by De Proef in Belgium for Caulier Benelux market. But it doesn't end there because from this union, 28 Birreria Gastronomica has hopes to transform the place into a temple of beer culture. It is being prepared in fact, to become the headquarters of the UDB (Unione Degustatori Birra) which deals with the promotion of artisan beer and training of professional tasters.

At 28 Birreria Gastronomica, it's possible choose among the bottled beers as well as twenty kinds of beer by the glass with the use of the Growler, a machine that's connected to the beer cellar on the upper floor. For the draft beer, Caulier and Toccolmatto are providing a selection of ten kinds of beer each plus six kinds of beer from guest breweries that will be changed periodically.

The Kitchen. Caulier and Toccolmatto both pursue the quality and passion for craftsmanship that also reflects the kitchen of 28 Birreria Gastronomica. Attention to the selection of producers, especially the small reputable ones, a wide and varied selection of high quality craft beers are the distinctive features of 28 Birreria Gastronomica

Manning the kitchen is Chef Roberto Fiumi who conceptualized a menu based on high quality ingredients from local and regional producers. The selection of cheese comes from Caseificio Quattro Portoni, the ham from the farm of Zavoli, the meat from Roberto Liberrati, Fratelli Roccia and Pile and the coffee from Massimo Bonini.

The highlight of the kitchen is the oven grill called Lu Furnu that's invented by Paolo Parisi. It is powered by mangrove charcoal that permits the cooking of the meat with the ideal temperature and gives a pronounced aroma. A must try is the pork belly cooked in low temperature and the grilled sweet & sour spare ribs that pair well with the Caulier 28 Tripel and the lamb cutlets (scottadito) accompanied with patè of coratella and Roman style artichokes.  

The best way to get the most of the gastronomic experience at 28 Birreria Gastronomica is pairing the beer with the food well. A good starter would be a platter of ham and cheese, most especially the Surfin' Blue that was awarded as the Best Cheese in the World at the Mondial du Fromage with a suggested pairing of Toccalmatto Surfing Hop or the cod fish coated in beer batter with yuzu that goes well with Toccalmatto Tohki-Shu.

If you are with your kids, they won't feel left out as the menu also has a couple of options for them like the baby burger and the crispy chicken. Don't skip the dessert menu as the entries are quite interesting too. There is the Birramisù with the Caulier 28 Imperial Stout and also the Gaufre de Bruxelles (Belgian waffles) with berries and maple syrup or vanilla ice cream.

With the wide selection of quality beer and the carefully studied food menu for ideal pairings, 28 Birreria Gastronomica is the perfect place to uncover the world of beer and gastronomy.

28 Birreria Gastronomica

Via Flaminia, 525
00191 Rome, Italy 
Tel: +39 06 99709481

Open daily from Tuesdays to Sundays 11:00 to 01:00 except Mondays.

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