Secondo Tradizione Restaurant in Rome, Italy

When two excellent gastronomic icons in Rome hook arms together and create something new, traditional or just simply great, then it's something that merits to be explored. Secondo Tradizione is the product of the bonding of Il Pagliaccio of Chef Anthony Genovese, a Two Michelin-starred restaurant and La Tradizione of Stefano Lobino and Francesco Praticò, a historical high quality delicatessen for food experts. It's a place where your every Italian food desire comes to terms with the seal of quality and excellence.

La Tradizione is a delicatessen that was opened in 1980 by Renzo Fantucci and Valentino Belli with their combined enthusiasm in providing their clients the best Italian products plus the ones that are slowly losing their spots in the market shelves. Years of passion and hard work paid off because success arrived at their doorstep in tenfold. It is now under the management of Stefano Lobina and Francesco Praticò, who had been under the guidance of Renzo and Valentino for about a decade. La Tradizione became so known in the city, even internationally, among food professionals and gourmands for the multitudes of high quality cured meats, cheeses and other products. More than 400 different kinds of cheeses from Italy, France and other parts of the world, about 300 artisan Italian and Spanish cured meats, a very good selection of wines and excellent extra virgin olive oil from Liguria to Sicily. 

Il Pagliaccio is now on its 13th year with two Michelin stars and bagging a number of awards including having the best sommelier, Matteo Zappile and best pastry chef, Marion Lichtle. Chef Anthony Genovese's kitchen is very creative with the fusion of different flavors and aromas that he embraced in his travels from France, where he was born, England, and Asia. His creations reflect colors, movements, emotions, spices, and places that make them distinctively superior.

Secondo Tradizione = La Tradizione + Il Pagliaccio. Indeed, it's a brilliant combination. In the kitchen of Secondo Tradizione are Piero Drago and  his right hand Jacopo Ricci, two young chefs who both worked under the tutelage of Anthony Genovese for about three years. Alongside them is Francesco Di Lorenzo, the sous-chef of Il Pagliaccio, who designed a cuisine that takes the traditional Roman path but at the same time branches out to a playfulness of flavors and combinations. It's a kitchen that maintains honest and balanced flavors that are characterized by the refined touches of these very talented chefs.

The rest of the squad is composed of Andrea Pistoia, the restaurant's sommelier who can make your meal even better with the right choice of wine, Marco Marcelli, whom you can entrust in giving you an unforgettable selection of cured meats and cheeses, and Giulia Quintigliani who handles the dining area.

Like most cuisines in different parts of Italy, the traditional one of Rome is based on seasonal vegetables like artichokes and fava beans, meat and fish. However, there is another aspect of the ancient Roman kitchen that is quite peculiar in its usage of the fifth quarter (pig's trotters, tripe, brains). The trippa alla Romana (Roman tripe) is an ancient Roman dish where the tripe is cooked in tomatoes, mint and pecorino cheese. If you want something genuine and good, their version is a delicious way to start getting to know the Roman kitchen. The fritto misto alla Romana is a plate of fried sage, borage, artichokes and fifth quarter like sweetbread and brains.

Top photo: trippa alla Romana  Bottom photo: fritto misto alla Romana

There is something playful and creative about the uovo, spuma di Parmigiano Reggiano Vacche Rosse, asparagi selvatici, spugnole e pane imbevuto nel fondo vegetale (egg, foam of Parmigiano Reggiano Red Cow, asparagus and morels served with bread soaked in vegetables) (first picture) because as the chefs explained, doing the scarpetta, that Italian custom of scooping up the remaining sauce with a piece of bread is a must in this delectable dish. So use that bread to capture all that sauce on the plate! 

Spaghetti rapa rossa, alghe fritte e caviale
The spaghetti rapa rossa, alghe fritte e caviale (beetroot spaghetti, fried seaweed and caviar) comes in a bright red tinge, which is natural of course coming from the beetroot. Straightforward ingredients with a decisively delicious combination.
Secondo Tradizione's agnello alla scottadito (lamb chops) are very tender and scrumptious. Simply served with a handful of fresh greens, these traditional lamb chops are a must if you love honest and uncomplicated dishes. 

Agnello a scottadito

Does the combination of blue cheese, cioccolato bianco e crumble di cioccolato fondente, pere (blue cheese, white chocolate, dark chocolate crumble and pear) seem too good to be true? It is as soon as you take your first spoonful and I must say that there is no better way to conclude an incredible meal.

Secondo Tradizione

Via Rialto, 39
Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 0639734757
Open daily for lunch and dinner except Mondays and Sunday nights.

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