I Vitelloni Restaurant in Rome, Italy

From an early breakfast to a late night cap, I Vitelloni stays open, every single day, non-stop from 5 in the morning until 2 the next morning. It's quite a long schedule for a restaurant to stay open but with so much diversity in its menu, it has a great potential to be the place to go to in Rome from the time you open your eyes until the time you are ready to close your eyes.

Let's start with breakfast. There's a wide range of fruit and vegetable shakes, fruit juices, coffee, croissants, pastries and gluten-free cakes that are all baked at the pastry laboratory of the restaurant. For a quick lunch with a rich selection of dishes, they have the buffet or a la carte for a more relaxed meal. In the afternoons, they have teas, infusions, coffee, fruit shakes, chocolates along with freshly-baked cakes, tarts, muffins and every imaginable baked goodness that you can think of.

During the cocktail hours between 17:00 to 21:00, there's quite a selection of cocktails prepared by their bartender Rodrigo Pineda Romero. Among the signature cocktails that he concocts are the Japanese Tea (London dry gin, matcha tea, mandarin juice, lime juice, sugar, and aromatic syrup), La Dogana (whiskey, syrup with saffron, basil and chili, lime juice, pasteurized egg white, and bitter orange) and for a more aromatic drink, the Passion Vanilla (vodka, vanilla liqueur, lime juice, orange juice, passion fruit syrup, and half fresh passion fruit). You can also take a peek at their cocktail menu here. Cocktails are perfect when accompanied with a platter of sushi for an oriental touch or a very good selection of Italian and Spanish cured meat, cheeses from their salsamenteria and an assortment of their freshly-baked focaccia, grissini and bread.

Dinner becomes more exciting as the menu of Chef Alessandro Bianchi offers a diversity of seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes from appetizers, pasta, pizza, hamburgers and main courses. If you are a meat lover then don't miss the selection of grilled meat cooked in oak wood that are served with baked potatoes. Choose between Angus, and Chianina and Danish steaks for intense flavors or even simple chicken breasts who want leaner meat.  The wine menu has an extensive listing of over 150 wine labels from big and small Italian producers. Other than wine, they also serve an interesting selection of draft beer.

Among the selection of desserts, gluten-free versions are also available. A maritozzo with raisins and cream with zibibbo (Moscato d'Alessandria grape) sauce? Or maybe a zabaione semifreddo with meringue and raspberries. There's also a classic tiramisù or a crostata or pie with apricot jam. Whatever it is that you choose to end your meal, I Vitelloni makes sure that it will be a delectable choice.

The new I Vitelloni Restaurant at Via Amiterno, 42/60 (just a few steps from St. John Lateran Archbasilica) is a product of the restyling of the old restaurants of brothers Stefano and Mauro Delli Ficorelli that were born in the 90's. Being enthusiastic about the cinema and the Italian gastronomy, the brothers decided to make a complete makeover of their three restaurants that have already been existing in the at Via Amiterno. They started with a pizzeria, RicominciodaTre in 1998 then it enlarged with the addition of a steak house called I Vitelloni, a homage to the film of Federico Fellini which both brothers love.

In 2009, Stefano and Mauro acquired the space next to the pizzeria and steak house and opened another restaurant, called it La Tellina, which specializes in seafood. With almost twenty years in the restaurant business with a flourishing clientele, the brothers decided to close all three temporarily to give way to a much bigger singular restaurant and undoubtedly a very beautiful one that can stay open every single day from breakfast to late night dining and cocktails. From a challenging idea, perhaps even a dream, it became a reality as the newly refurbished I Vitelloni opened its doors on the 10th of April 2017.

With a colossal space of 700 square meters, I Vitelloni is sprawled on two levels with an ample 60 meter-square outdoor space for eating al fresco during the warm days.  All in all, it has a capacity of 250 seats that is designed in iron, wood and bricks. The ground level has a large open kitchen where you can watch the chefs work on the food, a large bar counter and spacious dining areas. The lower ground has the pastry laboratory where they make the bread, pastries and cakes, the salsamenteria which serves the cured meats and cheeses. There are also a couple of rooms that are designated for private music and entertainment events as well as business meetings.

Stefano and Mauro aim to serve good food using quality ingredients while keeping the prices affordable for everyone. Pizzas are priced between €6.50 to €8.50 with the gourmet and more special combinations reaching a maximum of €11.00. Hamburgers are between €8.00 for the chicken breast and regular beef at 150 grams and a maximum of €13.00 for a 250-gram Chianina meat. Pasta dishes are priced between €9.00 to €12.00 while the desserts go between €3.50 to €5.00.

L'attenzione al cibo e la cura del locale, hanno da sempre caratterizzato la nostra attività e contribuito a consolidare il lavoro da noi realizzato. Per questo abbiamo deciso di ristrutturare i nostri locali e arricchire l’offerta gastronomica.
-Mauro Delli Ficorelli

Attention to the food and care of the restaurant has always characterized our activity and has contributed to the consolidation of the work we have done. That's why we have decided to restructure our restaurants and enrich the gastronomy we offer.
-Mauro Delli Ficorelli (translated to English)  

Nel corso del tempo, abbiamo avvertito l’esigenza di raccogliere le nostre differenti

 anime - I Vitelloni, RicominciodaTre e La Tellina - sotto unico cappello che rendesse 

il meglio del nostro lavoro iniziato circa vent’anni fa. I Vitelloni 

è il nome che negli anni ci ha maggiormente identificato e, così, guidati da una

 serie di professionisti, abbiamo deciso di realizzare un grande progetto ristorativo.
-Stefano Delli Ficorelli
 Over the course of time, we felt the need to unite our different spirits - Vitelloni, RicominciodaTre and La Tellina - under one hat that will take out the best of our work that started about twenty years ago. Vitelloni is the name that has been mainly identified with us over the years and, therefore, led by a series of professionals, we decided to carry out a grand restoration project.
-Stefano Delli Ficorelli

I Vitelloni

Via Amiterno, 42/60 - San Giovanni in Laterano
00183 Rome, Italy 
Tel: +39 067081150
Email: info@ivitelloni.it
Open daily from 5AM to 2AM non-stop.

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