Triple Chocolate French Toast Pinwheels

A long weekend with the kids just went by. With a national holiday falling on a Thursday, Friday was also declared a no-school day. The second of June was Italy's Festa della Repubblica (Republic day), a national holiday that commemorates the day the country voted for a republic that made the Italian monarchy fall. It's a big event in Rome where a grand military parade is held along Via dei Fori Imperiali (the road between the Colosseo and Piazza Venezia). It's an event that I have always wanted to see in person but with the big crowds and two kids to take around, just watching it in the television is the smartest thing to do. It's the best seat in the house anyway especially when you have something chocolatey to munch on.

Long weekends mean no alarm clocks to set. We all get to enjoy the mornings more by sleeping longer and breakfasts become more elaborate than the usual toast. Elaborate like these Triple Chocolate French Toast Pinwheels. They are definitely not for the calorie-conscious people but they are for the people who want to stray away from the correct road of eating healthy breakfasts. We all need a break, don't we? Because just one bite of these pinwheels and you will just crumble. They are especially good when they are eaten warm (not hot).

When you are ready to face a sinfully, chocolatey, delicious breakfast, just click on my recipe of Triple Chocolate French Toast Pinwheels at She Knows. They are worth the calories and yes, go for a good run afterwards to burn them off. Use any kind of unsweetened fruit jam you like that goes with chocolate. I like using raspberry. They are great together!

For more of my recipes at She Knows, click on my Profile Page there. Enjoy your week!

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