Sautèed Fennel, Asparagus and Goji Berries

Fennel keeps on jumping out at me when I am walking through rows of vegetables. I like it because it is such a versatile companion in cooking. You can eat it raw while chopping it (I do all the time), it goes so well with other fresh ingredients in salads, for cooking with fish, baking it to make a Fennel Gratin, or just plain tossing in olive oil to take out its delicious aromatic juice. In any case, grab a bulb when it is in season and use it in your meals. Even if you can find it anytime of the year now, it is still at its best in its real season which is autumn to spring. 

Fennel is related to dill, coriander and carrots and it is also as healthy as its cousins. Rich in vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and a whole load of other nutrients, this vegetable is a great addition to your dishes. I love it cooked and raw and in both ways, it tastes delicious. Cooked is more intense and raw is fresh and crispy. With this very simple recipe, you just need a few minutes in chopping the fennel along with the asparagus and tossing the vegetables with the goji berries in the saucepan with extra virgin olive oil. Coat it with balsamic vinegar for more flavors. Quick, easy and extremely healthy. This is a good side dish for meat or fish but personally, I prefer it with the latter. 

For the full recipe of this Sautèed Fennel, Asparagus and Goji Berries, you can get it at Skinny Ms., a site about healthy living and where I create recipes. For more of my recipes there, check out my Profile Page. Enjoy your week!

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