Banana Walnut Cake with Brandy Sauce

So it's another banana cake, what's new? What I like about this cake and perhaps you would too, is that it has crushed walnuts in the cake and it comes with brandy sauce that you pour on it while it's hot. Sweet sauce with oak flavor poured on the cake while it absorbs all its flavors while cooling down to room temperature. Do I need to say that it's delicious? I can actually finish one cake all by myself if I can but it's not nice not to share. But the cake did disappear less than twelve hours on the table.

When faced with very ripe bananas, our best option is to make banana cakes or breads. They are simple to make, use cheap ingredients, very filling and perfect for kids (but don't serve with the brandy sauce) too. Frankly, I can't think of any reason not to make them - well maybe just the fact that we tend to overeat when they are around. I know I do because I have always loved banana cakes ever since I was a kid because they are moist and compact. Adding the sauce makes it even more fascinating. So next time you are making a banana cake, do try adding some crushed walnuts in the batter and the sauce to spice up the flavor. 

For the full recipe of the Banana Walnut Cake with Brandy Sauce, you can get it at She Knows, a site where I create recipes. To see more of my recipes there, check out my Profile Page. Enjoy your Sunday! 

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