Chicken Mac and Cheese Soup

This is probably the longest gap I had in not posting anything but I have a very good reason for it because I am in the Philippines, on vacation, with my family and friends. With too many activities and plans going on, I just lost track of my schedule and time and  I haven't been opening my computer so much lately. That's good news because for once, I am looking at the world outside the computer. It's so nice to look at the sea, discover amazing sea creatures that I never thought existed, speak the language again and just be surrounded by people I am familiar with. And so an adventure of rediscovery begins for me.

With the intense heat gripping the Philippines right now, I can't really think of hot soups at all but this recipe came from the idea of a traditional Filipino soup that is usually served in the rainy season that usually falls in June. When it gets wet outside, one of the best things to do is to stay indoors with a hot bowl of chicken sopas. It's a Filipino chicken soup with chicken and its stock, elbow macaroni, celery and carrots. 

With the chicken sopas in mind, this Chicken Mac and Cheese Soup came out from my pot. I added some pancetta (or bacon) and Parmigiano Reggiano to lift the flavors a bit. You can never go wrong with these two ingredients in my book. So here is a Filipino classic with an American twist. 

You can find this Chicken Mac and Cheese recipe at She Knows where I regularly create recipes. Check out my Profile Page there to see more of my work. Thanks and have a great week!

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