Gelato alla Vaniglia con Frutti di Bosco

Vanilla ice cream with berries, a simple pleasure of life that I wouldn't trade for anything.  After a tiring walk, I look forward to a big bowl of gelato alla vaniglia con frutti di bosco as opposed to my husband's cappuccino with apple strudel or my son's ice pop & lollipop.  Don't even ask me what happens if I trek for hours and find out that the rifugio (refuge) doesn't have it in the menu.  95% they have it.  I don't even want to dwell on that 5% of probability.

5 Torri of the Dolomites.
We walk with heavy packs on our backs.  Everything seems to be an essential when you trek up the mountain with kids.  Jackets, sweaters, food, diapers, cameras, sunblock....and the list goes on.  Even in the peak of summer, the mountains can get very cold so we practically have clothing for all seasons on my back.  Our 1-year old stays on my husband's back on her backpack baby carrier.

Rifugio Scoiattoli, 2255 m. in June 2011.
At times, I question myself how these tortuous walks can be considered a pleasure.  Come to think of it, you walk under the sun with heavy backpacks with whining kids as the background music.  It's the indescribable scenery, the triumph of attainment and pleasure or enjoying it all with a cup of cappuccino, a glass of beer or a bowl of gelato in front of you.  That is the reason why we keep on knocking ourselves out from walking.

This is not even a recipe.  It is just a 3-minute composition of little heaven.  Vanilla ice cream + fresh berries + a light drizzle of white sugar on the berries = pleasure.  It's not so easy to find all the berries in the fruit shops.  Once I do find them, I get all kinds and prepare this simple and wonderful dessert.  

Gelato alla vaniglia con frutti di bosco and hot chocolate from Rifugio Scoiattoli.