Strawberry, Basil & Rose Ice Pops and Smoothies

Because the basil in the frutti di bosco (mixed berries) salad was spectacular, it was imperative to mix it with the strawberries too. They even have a better partnership, I have to say.  It was divine. 

I just bought a big box of strawberries that needed to be consumed fast.  I was going big time with my imaginations of elaborate strawberry desserts but I only accomplished the basic - ice pops and smoothies.  I didn't have enough time to browse around for recipes let alone think so I just thought of my kids' pediatrician's orders.  Since the kids are so addicted to ice pops, it was better if I make them myself knowing that there is 100% fruit in them.   

At home, I often prepare two versions of anything I cook.  One adult and the other, kiddie version.  With the ice pops, I only mixed the fruit, sugar & water for the kids while I added some basil & rose petals for the adults.  When I tasted our version, I almost yelped with delight.  I think I really did and even laughed triumphantly a bit but had to regain my composure because I suddenly felt like a mad scientist who concocted something sinister.  Picture me with a mess of strawberries, remnants of roses & basil stems all over the kitchen counter with a half full blender and red spills everywhere. 

This is barely a recipe and it is so simple, but oh my, it is so good.  I did some ice pops and left the rest for some smoothies. The freezing temp of the ice pops toned down the flavor but the cold drinks were very good.

I still haven't found any ice pop molds so I just used some disposable espresso cups for molding. After about an hour of freezing, I stuck the popsicle sticks in the middle of the ice pops. Another option would be to cut round pieces of wax paper with the same circumference as the espresso cups, put them in the cup like covers & make a slit in the middle to hold the popsicle sticks.

Strawberry, Basil & Rose Ice Pops and Smoothies

Makes 3 glasses or about a dozen ice pops (depending on the mold)
  • 450 grams strawberries
  • handful of basil leaves
  • 4 spoons white sugar
  • 2 medium roses, petals only
  • 250 ml. water (adjust the water for the consistency you prefer) 
  1. Put everything in the blender and liquefy.  
  2. For ice pops, pour in ice pop molds & freeze.
  3. For smoothies, pour in glasses & refrigerate.  Serve chilled.