Paesano: Your Gateway to Tasting Artisan Liqueurs Proudly Made in Sicily

With a slogan of "Be Authentic", Paesano, which translates to villager in English, takes the pride and heart of Sicily into their liqueurs. Their creations are proudly made from genuine ingredients cultivated by generations of farmers in Sicily. Authenticity is their driving force and their aim is for the world to discover the special qualities of the sun-kissed Italian island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

With a goal that targets simplicity and authenticity, the ingredients of their products have to amplify the natural flavors that come only from the territory of Sicily. In this regard, they collaborate with local producers who use raw materials from ethical, organic GMO-free farms to ensure the freshness and quality of their products.

The liqueurs are made entirely by a team of master distillers using a combination of traditional and modern techniques to ensure that each flavor is unique and of the highest quality. The seven flavors of the liqueurs take you to a delicious journey of Sicily starting with the velvety Pistachio Cream Liqueur which I had the possibility to try along with the perfectly soft and moist pistachio panettone and cream. The liqueur was created using an exceptional variety of pistachios cultivated at the foot of Mount Etna. The slow, artisanal process and the low alcohol content of 17 degrees enhance the flavors and delicacy of the pistachio on the palate. 

The Artichoke Liqueur is made with organic ‘Nostrale’ artichokes grown in Niscemi, with an intense and balanced flavor enriched by a caramel aftertaste. The artisanal processing follows an ancient Sicilian recipe and involves only artichokes’ hearts and stems, macerated for 90 days in an infusion of alcohol, aromatic herbs, and caramel. The Almond Cream Liqueur is made with almonds grown in Sicily which were subjected to a cold infusion process to extract flavors and aromas. The Pomegranate Liqueur uses pomegranate grown in the southern region of Sicily. The juice of the pomegranates is extracted through a cold-press process, meticulously preserving its nutritional properties. It is blended with 50% pure, filtered juice, resulting in a truly distinctive, bold, and encompassing flavor.

The Melon Cream Liqueur is crafted by using the luscious flesh of Sicilian cantaloupe melons, resulting in a creamy texture with a rich and sweet flavor that captures the fruit’s freshness and sweetness. The Lemon Liqueur is crafted using the finest lemons grown in Sicily, employing a traditional handcrafted process free from mechanization. The hand-peeled citrus fruits and the use of zagara blossoms as a natural sweetener infuse the liqueur with an authentic and delicate flavor. The Prickly Pear Liqueur is characterized by the sweetness and delicious flavor of the prickly pears. It can be savored as a dessert drink or used as an ingredient in refreshing summer cocktails. Nearly 50% of the prickly pear pulp is used with an alcohol content of 22 degrees.

Giuseppe Cinquerrui, recognized as one of the top 500 young Italian entrepreneurs at the Chamber of Deputies by the Italy-USA Foundation, is the founder and CEO of Paesano.
With his higher educational formation of double Masteral Degrees in Economics and Food Export Management and extensive work experience abroad for young entrepreneurs, he conceptualized this exceptional project of putting the Sicilian voyage on the palate with every delicious sip taking you to the beautiful southern Italian territory. Featured in this article is the Pistachio Christmas Box composed of a Panettone, Cream of Pistachio and Pistachio Cream Liqueur. These products can easily be ordered at their online shop.


Address: Via Purgatorio 73, 93015 Niscemi (CL), Italy
Tel: +39 0933 1888149