Casa Vidaschi: A Homey Restaurant in Monteverde, Rome From Breakfast Until After Dinner Drinks

Launched on the 17th of December in 2022 by longtime friends and partners Simone Pellegrino and Mariangela Pagone, Casa Vidaschi has given Rome a quiet green sprawling oasis in the heart of the Monteverde zone of the capital. Open non-stop from morning until late at night, Casa Vidaschi offers breakfast, lunch, aperitif, dinner, until after dinner drinks. The sprawling restaurant has diverse spaces from the Lounge, to the Veranda, Patio, Pergolato, Court and the Rose Garden, which can accommodate a total of 200 in all.

A home environment that entails warm hospitality, Casa Vidascchi does give that tranquil space in the midst of the fast-paced urban life surrounding it. The variety of colors splashed around the spaces lift the mood, while a glass greenhouse showcasing their floral arrangements adds a charming substance. It was an idea that came to life one hot July afternoon, recalls Mariangela Pagone, who previously came from the sector of marketing. She describes how this world fascinates her, having the chance to build experiences with the customers. Simone instead boasts an experience of over twenty years in this sector, starting from the family business and then embarking on a journey abroad, and finally returning to his first love, the world of catering and hospitality. Indeed, hospitality is one of their strong points because as a client, you will be assured of that smiling professionality that we all look for in a restaurant.

"I liked the idea of a neighborhood project which offers residents a new, original, all day long proposal. I had been imagining a place like this for some time, which could go beyond the usual concept of catering, and when we found this location, I knew it was time to turn that dream into reality," states Simone Pellegrino. "The empathy of the architect Nicodemo Albanese, he and his team's passion immediately made us understand that we were dealing with the right people to whom to entrust the realization of our idea," he added.

Doing the honors of welcoming the clients to the house, we can find the maƮtre and sommelier Miro Caruso who guides the guests to their tables, as well as recommending wines from the proposals from the wine cellar that has interesting labels. At the Patio, an outdoor green area with brightly colored seats, the guests can have breakfast, quick lunch or snacks. The Veranda, open all day, anticipates the atmosphere of the Salotto, the nerve center of the room where warm tones and elegant furnishings complement a large open kitchen where you can watch the chefs work and next to it is the pastry shop where a rich assortment of sweets (also available to take away) are showcased. Beyond this internal space we find the Pergolato, a lounge area where one can sit from the aperitif to after dinner. Tables in natural tree roots characterize the Courtyard, ideal for an outdoor lunch or dinner, caressed by the scents and colors of nature, which opens onto the most intimate and romantic space of Casa Vidaschi - the Rose Garden, an intimate space set up for special private and important events.

The kitchen is headed by Executive Chef Alessandro Remondi, who had various experiences in the international hotel industry. The raw materials he uses are strictly from trusted producers like the fruits and vegetables from Nuova Sabe, the seafood from Meglio Fresco, the meat from the Galli Group and the cold cuts and cheeses by Cibaria. On weekdays, the lunch menu has light and healthy proposals like salads with cheeses, and tasty entries like club sandwiches, burgers, citrus marinated salmon with aromatic herbs and tartare of amberjack or scottona. Pasta of Roman tradition are always present like the carbonara, amatriciana, cacio e pepe and gricia. There are other pasta entries like the picio (fresh handmade pasta made with water and flour) topped with Paglione tomato sauce and stracciata; or the pappardelle with sauce of coda alla vaccinara, chevre and bitter coffee crumble. For the main course, there are roasted octopus served on cannellini cream and pepper chutney, cockerel alla diavolla cooked at low temperature and served with mayo with siracha and paprika.

The dinner menu has more entries than lunch. Prices of appetizers are between €12 to €18; pasta dishes between €13 to €19; main courses between €16 to €26; and desserts between €4 to €10. The Antipasto Vidaschi (€16), a tasting of five antipasto dishes of seafood and meat created based on the chef's inspiration can be ordered at dinner time.

Alessandro is flanked by Pastry Chef Roberto Semerano who opens Casa Vidaschi with his leavened products in the morning and concludes the meals with his mouth watering line of desserts such as: Croquembouche, a cream puff filled with custard and caramel; Tulip, cardamom chantilly cream with dark chocolate flakes on sponge cake; or Sfera, a sphere made of white chocolate with namelaka, mango and lemon crumble almonds.

And inside Casa Vidaschi there is also a florist, Luca Terracina, a garden designer who represents the trait d'union between the different souls of the place. He takes care of the Casa Vidaschi Flower Boutique where customers can buy compositions of fresh and preserved flowers, as well as potted plants, and ask him to transform any container to make it more "green". Furthermore, with the arrival of spring, the "Compose Your Box" masterclasses will be scheduled every month at aperitif time, where Luca will show the public how to make his own composition, starting from scratch with the kit that he will provide to participants.

Relaxation, good taste, pleasure, vivacity and quality are the elements that contribute to making Casa Vidaschi a familiar and at the same time unique place with a modern look.

Casa Vidaschi
Address: Via Lorenzo Vidaschi 59 - Rome, Italy

Tel: +39 3342471016




Open from Tuesdays to Sundays between 10:00 to 01:00, Closed on Mondays

Discounted parking available at Via Monteverde, 15 - Rome