Ristorante Friccico: A Little Haven of Oak-Fired Grill and Game Meat in Rome

If the food is already inviting, the dining room of Ristorante Friccico ties the whole package with a big red bow. Dressed like a Parisian bistrot, the casual dining at Friccico cozies up with the warmth of the oak-fired grill manned by Chef Simone La Rocca in the kitchen and the radiant service of Serena Moretti in the dining room. Partners both in life and at work, the couple who hail from Cerveteri, an ancient Etruscan city just outside of Rome, take as much of the agricultural specialties of the city markets and farms to the restaurant. With the entrepreneurial support of Simone's two friends, Andrea and Iacopo, Simone and Serena's ideal project was born where they were able to create a space that links quality cuisine and hospitality.

Simone has had a decade of experience in the kitchen and over time has perfected his technique in bringing out his ideal cuisine. He has a great respect and passion for the recipes that tradition dictates which evolve in harmony with his creativity. He procures his ingredients only from trusted farms and producers - what he puts on your plate go through his scrutiny. Meat is his main commitment in his cuisine, most especially game, which he has a passion for. On hours of cooking, he composes them with his sauces that becomes a spectacle in the palate as his plates land on your table.

He tries to relive the tastes of the past with authenticity and shapes them with his delicious personal interpretations. The Argentinian oak-fired grill in the kitchen, which gives a particular flavor, plays protagonist in his cooking that not only the meat are cooked there but also the vegetable ingredients that he uses enhance the flavors of the sauces that he puts together in his final dishes. The homemade Potato Gnocchi with Rabbit Ragù and Artichokes is an exemplary dish that he translates with different consistencies of artichoke and layers of clean flavors of every ingredient. The Lepre (hare) à la Royale Stuffed with Foie Gras and Truffles is a sumptuous dish that regales you with its rich decisive flavors, and the Rabbit Rollè with Cream of Potatoes and Fried Artichokes is another unforgettable signature dish that he can execute splendidly.

The menu has about six proposals per course, mostly seasonal while some are main-stays. Appetizers are between €9 to €12 which include Vitello Tonnato with Antique Sauce, and Pheasant Terrine with Grilled King Trumpet Mushrooms. Platters of artisan and homemade prosciutto like the artisan Duck Prosciutto with Pear Onion Compote or the homemade Carne Salada with Stracciatella Cheese are also available between €12 to €16. The proposals for pasta are homemade at around €13 like the Bronze-Drawn Pici with Duck Ragù, or with Amatriciana Sauce. Main courses (€18 to €20) of mostly meat are Duck Breast with Crispy Roll Filled with Duck Thigh and Orange Sauce, or the Cockerel with Potatoes. Desserts are around €7. The wine list is interesting, as selected personally by Serena to match the food of Simone.

Ristorante Friccico

Viale dei Colli Portuensi, 169
00151 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 06 95213511
Website: https://www.friccicomangiaebevi.it/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/friccicoroma


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