Oltremare: Piandimare's Latest Wines Gear Towards Easy Drinkability

Piandimare is a cooperative born in 1986 in Villamagna in Abruzzo from the idea of a few farmers who were united in cultivating unique and special vines. In 2014, the small cooperative has grown into a group of seventy producers, renewed its oenological perspective and aimed for quality. Prior to that, the winery had been producing bulk wine for others and with the 2014 project, they finally bottled their own wine. With the chairmanship of Carlo d’Onofrio and in collaboration with the specialized agricultural company Vitis Rauscedo massal selection was utilized to select and propagate the exceptional old vines to increase uniqueness in the wine. Oenologist Romeo Taraborrelli gave a fundamental contribution to the attainment of the wines’ identities.

The wine estate is located in the green region of Abruzzo, in Val di Foro, a valley nestled between the Majella and the Adriatic Sea where a unique micro-climate is created. The territory where the vines grow is one of the most diversified in the region. The natural elements from the Adriatic coast, Alento and Foro rivers, the Majella mountain with its soft rolling hills and grassy pastures are fundamental constituents in creating quality wines that Piandimare is known for. The gentle sea breeze freshens and takes away the humidity from the vines during the hot summer days, an ideal environment for the cultivation of the Montepulciano grape vines. The winery, which is built with the best technologies, is surrounded by vineyards in slopes in the south face of the valley, where the mountain and the sea meet.

Last November 2020, I tasted the three red wines of Piandimare that were exclusively obtained from Montepulciano grape variety cultivated in their four different crus then vinified and matured in three different ways thus expressing diverse personalities. These were the Blu, Monolith and Maja. 

This time, I am dedicating my tasting to their new wine line, the Oltremare, which has two labels, a rosè, the Oltremare Rosato Colline Teatine IGT, and a red, the Oltremare Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC which are earmarked for a younger audience.

"The proposal of the two new wines was conceived by dedicating it to the new generations - perhaps those who have been inconvenienced by the limits of socialization and pleasure of wine sharing due to the restrictions put in place for coping with the health emergency - thinking about their search for freshness, complicity and sharing," declares Carlo d'Onofrio, President of Piandimare.

In this way, Piandimare completes the proposals with two lines: one with more structured wines and classic aging, and the other one, the newly-born Oltremare with wines that are readier and easy to drink. Both Oltremare wines are fermented at low temperatures to maximize the extraction of the aromas and color then they are refined in stainless steel tanks for six months. The label, created by Civinization like the previous labels, recalls the beauty of the Adriatic Coast of Abruzzo with its name which is attached to the symbol of modern communication of the new generation, the hashtag combined with the shape of the cut vine.

Piandimare Oltremare Rosato Colline Teatine IGT

This rosè was immediately pressed from Montepulciano grapes principally and other grapes cultivated in the territory after the harvest, fermented together at a low temperature then refined in stainless steel tanks for six months. The result is a medium salmon colored wine with a marked floral and fruity intense nose with aromas of wild strawberries, ripe red cherries, crispy pear and yellow peach. There's a prominence of freshness in the palate along with the delicate fruits that finishes with pleasant persistence. It's a definite reminder of summer to be enjoyed alone or accompanied with raw or simply-cooked seafood dishes.

Piandimare Oltremare Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC

Obtained from Montepulciano grapes that were fermented at low temperature which maximizes the extraction of the varietal characteristics and minimize the presence of tannins then refined in stainless steel tanks for six months. The ruby red color with medium purple edges pertains to its youth as the varietal floral and crispy fruity aromas are intensely highlighted in the nose like red cherries, blueberries and red forest berries. In the palate, the flowers and fruits flourish with the balance of freshness and sapidity which finishes pleasantly. It's definitely a red wine that can be enjoyed in its youth, alone or paired with simply-cooked meat or semi-mature cheese and charcuterie.

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