MangiamoRi: A Cozy Restaurant in the Abruzzo Countryside of Francavilla al Mare

In a lightly remote country road of Francavilla al Mare in the region of Abruzzo, MangiamoRi, a cozy restaurant owned by Rina Di Stefano gives a setting of a welcoming restaurant tucked among tennis courts in the local club. It is located on the upper floor of the clubhouse of the Tennis Club La Campagna where enthusiasts of sports and food can converge. It may seem an untypical place to head to for a meal but the atmosphere, pleasant service and good food would make your decision worthwhile. Personally, it was a discovery because it was a location for a dinner chosen by a wine producer of the region, Piandimare Winery. The cuisine has the aspect of genuine Italian tradition, done very well with particular attention to the quality of the ingredients. The wine selection focuses on the region's local producers.  

Contrada Villanesi 88B
66023 Francavilla al Mare (CH), Italy
Tel: +39 338 3773653