Truly Fish at the Roman Seaside: Rosario Restaurant of Albos Club, Fregene, Italy

Just forty kilometers from Rome, you can find Rosario Restaurant of Albos Club along the shoreline of Fregene Beach. Its proximity from the capital and its guaranteed excellent quality makes it one of the most popular seafood restaurants in the Roman shores. The restaurant is owned by Rosario Malapena, the chef, while his wife Cristina Sebastiani takes care of the wine selection and the dining room, in the company of their son, Edoardo. Rosario Restaurant is located on the second floor of Albos Club where the main dining room provides a beautiful view of the beach and the swimming pool through its large floor to ceiling picture windows. Resorting to the simplicity and elegance of all-white from the whitewashed floorboards, walls, tablecloths and up to the ceiling, the place is a vision of refinement with its minimal addition of colorful fish artworks on each table and ash blue chairs.

Rosario comes from a family of fishmongers who had several fish shops in Ostia, the southwestern shoreline of Rome. He grew up knowing fully well the Tyrrhenian Sea and what it has to offer. He has a deep comprehension of understanding his main ingredients, the seafood and how to make them the protagonists in his dishes. Having been naturally influenced by his family's activities, at 14, he opted to go to a hotel and catering school for his superior education then a professional culinary training center afterward. Cooking took him to France to further his experience in the kitchen. It is with knowledge and experience that makes him one of the best chefs who can handle the fruits of the sea with respect to the flavors that they naturally impart. He enhances the characteristics, not overpower them. 

The menu varies often because the dishes that Rosario creates depends on the availability of the ingredients from the sea and the market. He values the freshness of the raw materials which is the strength of the philosophy of his kitchen. He is able to transport the catch of the day to something exquisite by utilizing his technique and enhancing the features of his main ingredients. There are 4 to 5 proposals per course which are priced between €20 to €25 from appetizers to main courses, except the Zuppa di Pesce (Fish Soup), a rather big and filling dish for one person at €40. Rosario makes this excellent fish soup with tomatoes and various kinds of seafood in a large saucepan which is then served directly on the table as it still exudes little cooking bubbles. He explains he doesn't introduce salt at all in this dish. He just uses the natural saltiness of the seafood, the acidity of the tomatoes and aroma of the fresh basil to merge together and create this well-balanced dish. There is also the options for raw seafood like the platter at €28, tuna tartare at €18, and singular oysters and sea urchin (when available) at €3 to €5 each.

Rosario Restaurant

Albos Club
Lungomare di Levante, 52 / 54
00054 Fregene - Fiumicino (RM), Italy
Tel: +39 366 2386289