Beef Bazaar in Rome, Italy

When you choose to eat excellent meat in Rome, there is one place I can direct you to. Beef Bazaar at via Germanico, 136 opened its doors a few weeks ago to share with everyone the international world of high quality beef. At this immense and elegantly furnished restaurant, you can find optimum beef that are characteristically tender with diverse tastes from Argentina, Australia, Denmark, Poland, U.S.A., Japan and of course, Italy. Choose the kind of meat you want, the cut and cooking you prefer and for the rest, enjoy your dinner.

Being a restaurant that specializes in meat, Beef Bazaar doesn't preclude vegetarians from dining because it also carries interesting vegetarian-friendly entries like the warm zucchini soup with curry, onion rings with tomato mayonnaise, tartare of avocado with pachino tomatoes, feta and goji berries, veggie burger with seitan, white rice with tofu, zucchini and soy sauce, green salads and a selection of vegetable dishes. 

The kitchen, over everything, the grilled meat menu was conceptualized by Chef Roberto Bertipaglia who from 1999 has been the head of Dinner Out Consulting, a consulting firm which had numerous collaborations both nationally and internationally.

The protagonists of the Beef Bazaar menu are the grilled meat of choice cuts. Each kind of beef has its own characteristics with unique kinds of breeding that contributes to its individuality. The American Black Angus has an intensely unique taste. The Manzetta Prussiana which comes from northern Poland, has a slightly sweet flavor due to the integration of sugar beets in its diet during the final phase of breeding and for this reason, the combination of marbling fat and sugar favors the Maillard reaction. 

Then there is the Japanese Kobe-like beef that is priced for its unique dispersed fat marbling, excellent taste and tenderness. During breeding the cattle are massaged and are placed on a beer diet to increase their appetite. As well as the Argentinian and Danish beef, the grass-fed Australian beef is leaner and with exceptional individual tastes. The Italian Scottona beef, a female bovine meat that has never given birth is valued for its particular softness and succulent taste.

When there's beef, there are also burgers! Beef Bazaar has a number of mount-watering options like beef burger with Mimolette cheese and avocado, another one with Cheddar cheese, bacon and tomato mayonnaise, and a more intense-flavored Blue cheese, caramelized onions and bacon. There's also the beef burger with japapeno cornflakes and cheese sauce.

The menu also boasts of a selection of beef tartare entries with a variety of selected combinations like the tartare with mango, aged Tuscan pecorino cheese and wild mint, tartare with porcini mushrooms and truffle oil, or the tartare with stracciatella cheese and smoked cherry tomatoes among others. There are also a few interesting dishes with Ermes rice (Italian red rice) and Venere rice (Italian black rice). 

Ending the meal with something sweet is a big treat at Beef Bazaar so do leave some space more for the dessert. The American-influenced desserts are worth having. I'm more of a traditional one so I went for a delicious plate of brownies with Madagascar vanilla gelato and salted peanut sauce. There are also the red velvet cheesecake, New York cheesecake, carrot cake, lemon meringue pie and Oreo cake.

The sprawling 700-square meter space of the restaurant is not just about food. It also has two bars upon entry to the place. The first one is dedicated to cocktails and after-dinner drinks while the second one is dedicated to the draft beer of Birra Moretti. After these two bars, the space gives way to a large room with two levels of 300 seats including a big social table on the lower ground that sits 16.

Overall, it's the place to go to for a delicious meat  dinner with good beer and wine and attentive service.

Beef Bazaar

Via Germanico, 36
00192 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 0669402150

Opening Hours:
Open daily from 18:00 to 24:00
Starting 9 October 2017, open for buffet lunch

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