Ristorante Cervinia in Rome, Italy

Ristorante Cervinia's story started in 1971 when Riccardo Desideri Tozzi went one big step further to accomplish his culinary adventure. The restaurant gave him a window to express his love for genuine traditional cuisine. Forty six years and two generations later, Ristorante Cervinia still stands proudly at Monte Mario area of Rome under the management of his grandchildren Andrea Parisse and Francesco Callipo. With the youthful enthusiasm of both cousins, the restaurant thrives dynamically with complete attention given to the details of quality and freshness of the ingredients that they use.

Francesco Callipo with his staff
With the recommendation of a regular patron of Ristorante Cervinia, I found myself in the restaurant for a week night dinner. The 70-seater restaurant was full of Roman diners - couples, friends and families with kids. It had an atmosphere of a cozy Italian dining room where you know you will come out satisfied and well fed. The restaurant is located in a tranquil neighborhood in Monte Mario, outside the boundaries of the ancient part of Rome in the northwest side. Glass panels, beige and white motif with matching linens, the restaurant has an amicable elegance pulsating in its walls that is well matched with the professionalism and friendliness of the owners and the staff.

As much as I love nouvelle cuisine, traditional Italian dishes embrace me with the familiarity of their aromas and flavors. A plate of simple grilled turbot covered with potatoes drizzled with good extra virgin olive oil paired with fresh white wine was enough to make me feel enlightened. Being the right season for porcini mushrooms, I enjoyed them simply roasted with just their woodsy taste pleasantly lingering in my mouth. Like the other dishes I had, the seafood appetizer platters were laudable for their freshness and excellence in quality.
Cannolicchi di mare al gratin (Razor shell gratin)
Rombo al forno con patate (Roated turbot with potatoes; Porcini arosto (Roasted porcini mushrooms); Ostriche  e tartufi di mare (Oysters & sea truffles)
Having grown up in a restaurant that values the quality of the food, Andrea and Francesco continue to follow the road that their grandfather and parents have paved. Eating well is paramount and at Ristorante Cervinia, you are guaranteed of first-rate quality.

Ristorante Cervinia

Lago Cervinia, 11
00135 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 0635508721
Email: info@ristorantecervinia.it
Opening hours: Open daily for lunch and dinner

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