Lemon Sorbet and Blueberry Prosecco Float

With all the recipes for mixed drinks around, you just scratch your head and hope to find that perfect one that is easy to prepare with simple ingredients and most importantly, will please everyone. There are some drinks that make us think how it will definitely be the winning drink to serve but when we read the ingredient part, we back out. The usual plight? Where in the world can we get that bottle of ingredient? Don't fret, there are still some simple solutions with components that you can easily find at home and at the shop. With this delicious Lemon Sorbet and Blueberry Prosecco Float, you will just need a bottle of prosecco (Italian sparkling wine) to give the alcoholic kick. If you can't find the prosecco, replace it with other kinds of sparkling wines. Add some lemon sorbet, frozen blueberries and simple syrup that you can make yourself at home. 

What I like about this drink is its simplicity and the mild alcoholic content. You can easily imagine how it tastes like - lemon sorbet, sparkling white wine and simple syrup to add some sweetness. The whole pieces of blueberries give the drink something to bite on for little explosions of flavor while drinking. It's definitely the drink that everyone will enjoy. Prepare the glasses ahead of time with the sorbet and blueberries then leave them in the freezer it's time to serve. Just pour the simple syrup and prosecco right before handing it over to your guests. Cheers!

You can find the full recipe of this Lemon Sorbet and Blueberry Prosecco Float at She Knows, a site where I create recipes. You can find more of my recipes at my Profile Page there.