Chocolate Strawberry Cups

When strawberries and chocolates meet, there's never a doubt that something great comes out. Always. The love for the one of the best sweet combinations doesn't have any limit to ages because adults and kids (even dogs try stealing too) can't ever say no to this sweet blend. This recipe can be your make-ahead dessert or snack that is quite easy to prepare. Make them small so they're easy to pop and let the complete flavors of the strawberry cream and chocolate cups melt in your mouth. Are you ready?

Buy the chocolate cups or make your own? For sure, buying the chocolate cups can be easier than melting the chocolate and putting them in the molds but you cannot buy the satisfaction of looking at your handiwork. Believe me. At first I thought that I was better off looking for them at the shops but in the end, I decided to make my own. Good thing I did because all it took was a quick melting in the microwave and turning of the molds to distribute the chocolate. And voila! 

Although the recipe is quite easy to follow, the main thing to consider in making these Chocolate Strawberry Cups is giving enough time to set in the refrigerator. So give at least a couple of hours (better if you give more) for prepping. You will definitely love these!

For the full recipe of these Chocolate Strawberry Cups, you can get it at Skinny Ms., a site where I create recipes. Check out my Profile Page there for more recipes.

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