Fattoria Carsica Bajta Winery in Sales (Friuli-Venezia Giulia), Italy

Between animal farming and viticulture years ago, Fattoria Carsica Bajta made a successful activity of cured meat production and wine making in their fattoria or farm. Having formally opened their farm in 1999 in the town of Sales, Mr. Slavko and his sons Andrej and Nevo were also able to expand over the years by opening a food and wine shop, a restaurant that accommodates 80 and five double rooms where guests can stay immersed in a working farm life. Their activity continues to draw food and wine lovers who look for quality from the great region of Friuli - Venezia Giulia.

The heart of Fattoria Carsica Bajta sits at the lower ground of the main building carved out of the marble of Carso that surround the aging wine and cured meat naturally. The lower ground is sufficiently spacious where storing rooms of the different products of the farm and a tasting room are located. It's naturally cooler downstairs with a persistent smell of the aging products. The area is divided into different rooms were the prosciutto are aging, salame are drying, the tasting room that leads to the wine cellar. 

Passing through the tasting room, we arrive to the wine cellar where stainless steel vats and oak barrels are lined up. Fattoria Carsica Bajta has three main grape cultivars of Carso in their vineyards which are the Terrano, Vitovska and Malvasia. We tried the robust red Terrano and the Terra Roza, a refreshing traditional method rosè sparking wine made with Terrano red grapes. 

Entering the drying room of the prosciutto gives a jolt of intense smell. The room is lined with rows of hanging prosciutto covered in cracked pepper and salt. They filled up the room and it was a sight to behold. The region of Friuli - Veneza Giulia has different kinds of production of prosciutto crudo and one of them is the prosciutto of Carso that are slightly softer and fatter thus sliced a lightly thicker than usual.

They come from pigs that are kept in the premises of Fattoria Corsica Bajta grazing freely all-year round. Strong from their state of freedom, they grow very healthy, not requiring medications like antibiotics, just the mandatory vaccinations. Thus the meat of their prosciutto is ideal for everyone.

Another door leads to a smaller room with much less light. It is carved out of marble and the floor is made of small pieces of stone. Like the prosciutto room, the salame room also has a persistent smell, but different because the herbs used in making them are diverse. And unlike the prosciutto room, the tubular cured meat are left hanging from racks on top of the room.

Still within the premises of the farmhouse is a restaurant that serves amazing traditional local food. The place is spacious, having a capacity of 80 but it can be very busy especially on Sundays so book ahead. Order the jota, a delicious bean, sauerkraut and potato soup served in a bowl made of bread. I have to say that you can't leave the place without trying it. You can also try the prosciutto and salame that they produce, goulash soup, sausages, and more. Naturally, along with the food, their wines can be paired with them.

Fattoria Carsica Bajta produces quality meat and wine that you can buy at their food and wine shop at the entrance of the main building. Along with the cured meat that they produce, fresh meat is also available as well as artisan regional products from local producers of extra virgin olive oil, honey and preserved food.

Fattoria Carsica Bajta
Sales 108 (SP6 Km. 3VII)
34010 Sgonico (TS)
Tel: +39 0402296090 / +39 3383676498

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