Frappé alla Nutella (Nutella Milkshake) and Camporotondo in Abruzzo

I know it's still snowing and freezing in most places and I didn't really forget that it's still winter.  In fact, a few days ago, I myself was freezing in half a meter of snow in an overly quiet town in Abruzzo called Camporotondo.  If not for the other two families that arrived to stay for fifteen minutes tops, there was practically no other living thing around and the place is even dotted with holiday houses in every direction.  Maybe because it was a Monday and the place was just a weekend holiday place.  Whatever the reason was, we had the whole place to ourselves and it was actually fun!

This nagging idea of a frappé alla Nutella just exploded by the time I got home.  With all the snow around me and its whiteness and purity getting to me, I was imagining frappé of different flavors.  When my daughter and my son's friend ordered crepe alla Nutella for dessert during lunch, I nailed the flavor that I was going to do.  My daughter started with her Nutella frenzy again and I couldn't wait to finish the remaining Nutella jars we have at home.  To make some frappé is the perfect solution plus it's something that my kids have yet to experience.  A classic Italian drink using their favorite hazelnut spread. 

The inventors of granita in the Persian Empire way before 400 B.C. must have been staring at the beauty of the snow too before they started pouring grape juice on them and enjoying them as a treat.  

My daughter was not really impressed by the drink when I asked her if she wanted a sip of Nutella mixed with milk.  I was treated to a few words emoting her indignancy of such an idea.  

"Mommy, non si beve la Nutella!  Che stai dicendo?  Tsk!  Tsk!"  (Mommy, you don't drink Nutella!  What are you saying?)  

Uhm, 3-year old daughters know better? 

Some frappé have cream in it or even sponge cake mixed with the drink to thicken it.  I like keeping it very simple to three ingredients of milk, Nutella and the a lot of ice as the thickener.  That way, it's not overly creamy and fat but the only drawback is that you have to drink it immediately.  But as soon as you taste it, it really won't last anyway.  

I hope you enjoy the pictures of Camporotondo and some of the appetizers and dessert (below) we had at the restaurant called Ristorante C'era Una Volta we went to in the nearby town of Cappadocia. 

Frappé alla Nutella (Nutella Milkshake)

Serves 2

  • 1 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup Nutella
  • 1-1/2 cups ice
  1. Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Serve immediately before the ice melts.

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