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04 April 2011

Lemony Chicken Marsala

This is a very easy & quick dish that never fails to impress my family, even myself. It's one of my favorites. The more classic Sicilian dish that uses Marsala wine is scaloppine di vitello al Marsala, fine thin slices of veal cooked in Marsala wine.

What makes this different is the strong taste of lemon fighting with the salt and perfumed by Marsala wine.  If you get to eat the chicken immediately after cooking, like how we usually do at home, you will taste the chicken at its tenderest.

If you see an Italian scraping a piece of his bread on his plate at home, it's a compliment to the cook.  It's called fare la scarpetta or do the scarpetta.  My five-year old son has this habit that we let him do only on home turf when he enjoyed his meal very much.  It's rare to see someone doing the scarpetta in restaurants.  Not only did my son do the scarpetta on his plate but he also graduated from it and moved to the saucepan!  He loved it so much that he asked me to do it again soon.   I did....ten minutes later.   So at four in the afternoon, we enjoyed a second round of lunch.  The best compliment this dish can ever have!

Lemony Chicken Marsala

Serves 4
  • 600 grams chicken fillet, cut into medium pieces, washed & patted dry with kitchen paper towels
  • Flour
  • Extra virgin olive oil 
  • Salt
  • Pepper  
  • 1 lemon, juice
  • 1-1/2 to 2 cups Marsala wine
  • 2 tablespoons capers
  • Bunch of fresh parsley, chopped finely

  1. Coat the chicken with flour. Mix and toss until all the pieces are completely covered then shake off the excess flour.
  2. On medium heat, in a hot saucepan with extra virgin olive oil, cook the chicken without overcrowding then brown both sides.
  3. Season with salt and pepper.
  4. When both sides of the chicken are golden brown, pour the lemon juice then cook for about 5 minutes.
  5. Pour the Marsala wine and let the alcohol evaporate on medium - high heat.
  6. When the sauce is starting to become thick, lower the heat to low - medium.
  7. Add the capers and most of the parsley, leaving some for garnishing. Adjust the salt.
  8. Turn off the heat when the saus has been reduced almost completely.
  9. Before serving, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle the remaining parsley.


  1. this looks awesome, I can't wait to try it!!!

  2. What a wonderful blog discovery today. I am definitely a follower. Your photos are fantastic.

  3. Is something missing from the ingredient list? How much capers should I use?

  4. @Avralee, thank you. I hope you do try it and let me know how it came out.

    @Snippets, thanks. That makes my day. :-)

  5. Thank you for letting me know about the missing capers in the ingredient list. I added it now. It's 2 spoons.

  6. Saw the picture of this recipe on it and made it tonight. Husband and all 3 kids gave a thumbs up. Loved it myself too! I am a new follower and plan on using an adapted version of this recipe if that is ok.

  7. Hi Kindra! Thank you for letting me know that you're using an adapted version in your blog and that it went well. I appreciate it. This recipe is a big winner at home too.

  8. I cannot wait to try this recipe. Can you tell me how much oil you have it the bottom of the fry pan. Many thanks!!

  9. I'm not one who measures the oil when sauteeing really but I would say just enough oil to wet the saucepan. Start with about 5 tablespoons and see. If the oil dries up while you are browning the chicken, push the chicken on one side of the pan and add new oil to the other side. Wait until the oil becomes hot before you mix the chicken with it. I hope that helps.

  10. Your marsala looks incredible - I love the lemon addition! Clearly I just need to start at the beginning of your archives and read straight through so that I don't miss a single recipe :).

    1. I just cooked this last night, had leftovers and served it again tonight. My son was in chicken marsala heaven. :-) You can check the archives but close your eyes when the pictures are too ugly. Still in the middle of renewing old ones. :-)

  11. Rowena, just spotted this on facebook and had to stop by to check it out! It's lovely!!!

  12. Why is there no opion to print this recipe? If there is I'm not seeing it.

    1. It's on top of the recipe title. Working on the other recipes.


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