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Jerry Thomas Speakeasy: The Secret Door to One of The 50 World's Best Bars

A nondescript black door in an average Roman alley with cobblestones, a small brass plaque, a doorbell, an owl knocker and the number 30. Yes, you are at the right place. Buzz the door and say the password when it gets opened by their doorman dressed in 1940s style. Jerry Thomas Speakeasy is not your average cocktail bar that lures every customer to go in. Instead, y ou have to request to be in by reservations only (book at their website ) and be a member (€5 membership fee) and abide by their restricted time rule of staying one hour and fifteen minutes only. The Jerry Thomas Speakeasy was a concept that was brought to light by four bartenders in the heart of Rome back in 2010. The name is dedicated to the legendary Jerry Thomas, aka The Professor, a New Yorker who popularized American cocktails in the 19th century and is considered the father of mixology. He was a person who pursued excellence in the history of modern mixing and he has put it in writing in his published book “How to

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